LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Self-respect)

life-on-new-earth-self-respectGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about one more aspect of inner freedom.

And it has to do with respect to yourself – your ability to prevent other people from intruding into your energy space and, by far and large, into your life.

I see that this is what the stumbling stone is for many of you since your relationships with your family, friends and colleagues are integral part of your existence.

The first step to be taken so as not to allow others to produce negative influence on you is your own uninvolvement into private life of your nearest and dearest.

As soon as you yourself stop controlling them and limiting their freedom of choice, it will reflect in their attitude towards you in a mirror-like way.

It is extremely important to learn to let others live their own life, respect their private space, take into consideration their opinions and views, even if they are absolutely different from yours.

I know that it is hard to do because it hurts to see the delusions of close people, and your Soul is striving to rush for help and let them realize their mistakes.

Yet, many of you have already become convinced thanks to your own experience that the more eager you are to do so, the more estranged these people become in your respect.

Why does this happen?

The only reason is that their conscience is not ready to accept the things that have already become indisputable truth for you.

Their Souls follow another way, while their life lessons are too different from yours.

It is impossible to place a pupil of primary school right into high school class, which is exactly the thing some of you are trying to do out of the very best intentions.

Thereby, showing respect to another person you will be able to keep your own inner freedom as well.

But if you see that your close people are making sustained influence on you, you should work out self-protection tactics that in each particular case can be different.

For someone it will be enough just to make a joke, while others will have to establish a whole system of both energy and verbal defence.

The main thing you should always remember: your thoughts, emotions, actions and words should not convey aggression or disapproval that will make all your efforts in vain all at once since they will return you into the energies of the third dimension world and, consequently, ruining all your spiritual groundwork.

Well, how should you behave in respect of official powers that can also intrude into your private life during this period crucial for Earth when confrontation between the Dark and the Light Forces has reached its supreme stage?

Battling for your interests it is essential not to doubt your rightness even for a moment since this is exactly the thing that makes the energy basis for the confrontation between you and those who obediently implement the will of big and small bosses.

As a rule, the people who are used to implicit obedience feel the inner strength of others very well and follow it by intuition.

Therefore, you should fortify the inner strength of your Spirit to such an extent that no one will be able to break it.

And, certainly, do not forget to set an energy shield at yourself and by all means invoke the Higher Powers every time you find yourself in the situation that requires decisive measures from you.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on October 30, 2020.

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