to-shift-focus-of-perceptionGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to highlight one important aspect that concerns the present-day confrontation between the deep state and the revived part of humanity.

Why does Disclosure occur much slower than you would like it to do?

The main reason for that is the fact that Disclosure takes place in different ways for everyone – depending on the level of one’s conscience.

And such levels are plenty, as a matter of fact, starting from a merely average man’s one when an individual begins to worry about their material condition and finishing with being completely aware of the global changes that are taking place both to your planet and the whole humanity.

Unfortunately, their ratio is not in favour of the latter category of people.

But between them there is also a considerable social stratum.

It is those who have already heard much about the deep state and about their plans on digitizing and depopulation of the inhabitants.

This information began to leak into the mainstream media, which makes people ponder over their future as well as that of their children.

Moreover, a lot people vehemently reject the transgender propaganda that is vigorously imposed on them and that is aimed at destruction of traditional family values.

Fortunately, so far on Earth there is still living the generation of people for whom it is sacred.

And now the moment has come when it is really essential to make advantage of this category’s discontent about the policy made by the ruling top so as to shift the focus of reality perception towards a more profound understanding of the events in progress on Earth.

It is necessary to show them the whole picture and explain what causes their trouble.

In other words, now you have something “to go by” since when people are happy about everything, they feel unwilling to leave the comfort zone and listen to the things they do not enjoy.

But when these things have become their reality and affected them directly, they are ready to think over the causes of the things in progress.

This way, little by little – from easy things to complicated ones – these people’s level of conscience will start to increase, with the vision of the situation expanding.

As a result, they will understand that it will be much more efficient not just to protect their welfare but destroy the whole system that has led people to the result so regrettable.

In other words, an increasing number of people will be ready to eradicate the cause of their problems instead of eliminating a lot of its consequences.

Now this process has already been triggered the evidence of which is protest actions extension all over the world.

Not only people are trying to stand up for their rights but also speak for the resignation of their criminal governments.

The next stage will be the understanding of the fact that these governments are just a screen for actual criminals who get else to do their dirty work.

Thereby, in people’s conscience there will be made up a whole picture of the events that are developing on Earth now.

And only then the next step can become the acceptance and understanding of the information about Transition that will then fall into fertile soil.

And the sooner there will occur the shift in people’s conscience towards if not spirituality then at least the extended understanding of the global processes that are taking place on Earth now, the sooner Disclosure occurs, too, the one that will not be as shocking for the overwhelming majority of your planet’s population this time.

It is high time for you, my dear, to get involved into this process and I see that many of you understand it.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 1, 2023.

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