purifying-energies-of-ascensionGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will digress from our topic a little and will talk about the current events on your planet.

Perhaps, many of you have noticed that among the Dark forces real panic is holding sway.

Their representatives incarnated in physical bodies, especially those who are delegated at least with some authority, in a frantic rush are trying to implement the long-term plan on vaccination (chipping) of the population.

Why are they in such a hurry?

Why are they acting openly having neglected all the prudence?

There are several reasons for that.

And the main of them is that your planet is swiftly moving into the energy corridor of the Fifth dimension where they will not be able to influence people any more.

It will happen because the third dimension world energies will start to get diluted dissolving in the rays of new high vibration energies.

It resembles the turbid sediment on the bottom of a jug being raised by a spurt of clean water.

This is what is taking place on Earth now.

The flowing streams of the Energy of Ascension are raising to the surface all the dark – all the mud that has been accumulating on your planet for centuries.

It laid down in human conscience as established programmes, stereotyped reactions, standard mentality and pattern behaviour.

All this is based on the deep-rooted FEAR of authorities’ representatives at all the levels of your existence.

And now tearing this hovering above Earth dense veil of fear high vibration energies are raising from each person’s Soul’s bottom the things that were hidden until a certain time: their best qualities – their Divine essence and transforming the energies of fear and oppression into the energies of intrepidity and freedom.

Now, when all the masks are thrown off, people start to see who runs the show and decides their destinies and many of them prefer death to becoming an obedient plaything in the hands of the criminals who seized power on your planet.

But you should be ready to the fact that not everybody will be among them since you are well aware of the ratio of forces on your planet and know how many creatures of low vibration civilizations are now embodied as humans.

They have also come to Earth at this moment supreme for her to get the unique experience of Transition of a planet to another dimension.

They are also eager to participate in this experiment, but the goals set for them are quite different.

Many of them have come to prevent humanity from moving to the Fifth dimension in their physical bodies, and they are doing it with diligence and self-forgetful inspiration tooth and nail trying to decrease pure human souls’ vibrations.

These creatures are especially numerous at the lower level of governing bodies in many spheres of your life.

It is them who are zealous executors of the instructions from above whatever absurd or inhumane they may seem to a normal person.

And it is them who are reveling in their power humiliate and intimidate people.

They often do it automatically – at the level of their collective consciences that feel their being deficient before the greatness of the Divine collective conscience of pure human souls.

Same as little dogs bark at their big and grand congeners, these creatures are trying to insult those who spiritually surpass them and under any circumstances preserve their dignity.

And you can observe it occurring everywhere now.

All these creatures – these “grains of mud” on your planet – will sink to the bottom after the “jug” is filled with clean water.

While to get to the surface will be possible only for the “particles” of human souls who can throw off the ballast of previous incarnations with negative energies and third dimension programmes thereby transforming their subtle bodies into new ones – of high vibrations now.

This is exactly how Transition will occur: light ancient human souls will be caught by the clean Divine stream, while the dark low vibration creatures will still remain on the bottom in their dense heavy energies.

And now this separation can be seen with the naked eye.

Be patient and courageous, my dear!

There are all the Higher Powers of the Universe behind you!

Feel their presence, their Love and support!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 29, 2021.

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