WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Climate “change”)

window-on-new-world-climate-changeGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to talk to you about the reasons why the deep state promotes so persistently the issues of “climate change” by their marionettes at the helm.

As you already know, it is an absolutely farfetched and non-existent problem and beside other purposes it was also made up to ascribe the fact that globalists learnt to control weather long ago to climate change.

And the evidence of this is a lot of strange “natural” phenomena that have been taking place on Earth recently.

Making use of the extraterrestrial technologies of the Greys again, globalists are systematically destroying the fertile lands on your planet.

Stormy winds, heavy rains, large hail or, on the contrary, a prolonged drought untypical of the regions mostly result from such activity of theirs.

And it is introduced with one and only purpose: to initiate famine, chaos and devastation on Earth which should result in a drastic decrease of the planet’s population and total control over the remaining part of it.

Yet, recently, the deep state has gone even further than this using their technologies as a means of revenge and blackmail.

One of the glaring examples of it is likely to be an earthquake that took place not long ago in Turkey whose government made an attempt to get out of globalists’ control.

Since human lives are of no value to these creatures who are deprived of the soul and sympathy, they do not take into consideration dozens of thousands of victims that result from tragedies like this.

For the purpose of their plans’ implementation in the United Nations Organization there was created a certain department for the issues of climate change that is headed by globalists’ protégés.

All the reports and evidence of total illegality of claims about climate change made by independent scientists are pigeonholed, while at all the conferences held by this department the speakers are exclusively “ins” who communicate to the public what they are told to by their bosses.

Therefore, in this direction there is done parallel work: the theoretic base on climate change is fortified by the demonstrative practical – artificially created weather cataclysms.

As you see, my dear, everything is done in a profound and subtle way and at the state level at that.

You can easily trace that it is globalists’ protégés at the helm who support climate change theory most actively and they make absurd and incongruous laws in their countries that are supposedly to bring to a minimum the consequence of such changes.

Generally speaking, this absurd theory is in consistence with another one – that of inadmissible overpopulation of Earth, which is also an absurd statement that will not stand fire.

Fortunately, a lot of people start getting aware and understand all the absurdity of the policy promoted by the world government and some countries’ heads under their control.

The proof of it is million-strong protest actions that you can watch all around the globe.

And though these actions are often determined by practical – material – reasons, deep in their heart people feel the falsity and cynicism of their governments as well as the absurdity of the policy they make as a result of which these protest movement assumes the character of general disobedience with the demands of globalists’ protégés’ resignation.

This the way the intuition of collective human conscience works.

And the higher the vibrations of Earth and those of the revived part of the planet’s population, the wider this protest movement will be.

Yet, already now you can observe the things mentioned in my messages: many countries’ heads cannot get outside not being exposed to attacks of an enraged crowd.

Still, they are going till the very end being afraid of common anger less than of the punishment by their bosses whose limitless power they find themselves in.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 29, 2023.

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