WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Genetic tools for killing)

window-on-new-world-genetic-tools-for-killingGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to tell you about one more crime by globalists against humanity.

And at issue will be how the deep state is trying to ruin the flora and fauna of your planet.

Perhaps, many of you have already heard about globalists’ henchmen buying up millions of hectors of fertile lands all over the world.

What is it done for?

The reason is, first of all, to grow on this soil gene modified products consuming of which by humans leads to irreversible gene consequences in their body.

The aim of globalists is to gradually replace all natural samples with artificially created ones as a result of which there would be no pure seeds of natural agricultural crops left.

As you see, the attack on the pure Divine human gene is in progress not only through the so-called “vaccines” but foodstuffs as well.

And while the revived part of humanity can oppose forcible vaccination, it is so far impossible for people to do without foodstuffs.

And even those who buy seeds to grow their own harvest are not secured from these seeds conveying an alien gene.

As for animals, they are handled the same way as humans.

Compulsory vaccines for cattle and poultry that are supposedly to protect their health, actually, contain components harmful to them and in recent time alien genes too that lead to infertility and changing of their species’ peculiarities completely.

But unlike humans animals cannot escape this procedure pernicious for them since they are completely dependent on their owners.

So, little by little “vaccine” that became firmly fixed in human conscience as “a remedy for diseases” has turned into its opposite – a tool for killing and genetic transformation of humans and animals.

It is very hard to oppose it because everybody who try to open people’s eyes to these crimes of the deep state’s marionettes are scoffed at, punished and deprived of the right to socialize on all the official media resources.

Yet, it has appeared impossible to conceal the truth about the things in progress completely and now there has appeared quite a reliable evidence base that was prepared by experienced lawyers and scientists and that will be announced in short time now.

At present the situation on Earth has become unique, with the forces of Good and Evil having clashed in a crucial fight at the physical level this time.

And to a large degree the results of this fight depend on whose side each inhabitant of Earth will find themselves on.

Unfortunately, the majority of people stick to the neutral course not willing to get below the surface of the things and just go on with their everyday material routine.

But I would like you to know that even the inner mood of a person is of huge moral support for the first or the second side and plays a significant role in this critical opposition of two worlds.

The power of the human intention and their free will manifestation at the subtle level of Earth form certain thoughtforms that getting accumulated can outweigh the scale pan of this or that side.

That is why, my dear, I always ask you to create in your thoughts the reality you would like to live in and not to go with the stream just relying on the help of the Forces of Light and your Galaxy brothers.

Do not forget that it is you who being the “anchors” for the high vibration energy transferred to Earth intensify it manifold thereby promoting realization at the physical level of the things that already exist at the subtle one.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 30, 2023.

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