LIFE ON NEW EARTH (You will not be bored)

life-on-new-earth-you-will-not-be-boredGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will go on speaking about the truth in its Divine interpretation.

At first sight it may seem to you that life in the unipolar world after the tumultuous passions of the dual world will be dull and monotonous.

That is actually not true.

You are to live a more fulfilling life but it will be full of quite different energies and interests.

One will not have to prove anything to anybody either by words or actions.

Just dwell on these words, they mean so much.

In the third dimension world from the very childhood a child encounters certain criteria and rules they have to meet even if they do not accept it in their heart.

First it is done in the family, then in the kindergarten, school, university, by bosses and government…

One is forced into strict limits where one always has to keep up with others.

One’s will is always suppressed, yet, one gradually gets so used to one’s unfreedom that starts playing according to the dual world rules using all its methods for one’s survival and comfortable existence.

Have you ever thought why really talented people end up with alcoholism or drug addiction?

It happens because of the deep awareness of one’s unfreedom and powerlessness to change anything.

Their pure Soul does not allow them to play the third dimension game and this world overwhelms them in an unequal “fight”.

So now, imagine such light pure human Souls endowed with numerous talents finding themselves in the space of the Fifth dimension imbued with the energies of Love, Joy, Happiness, Sympathy and Gratitude without their “antipodes” as it was in the dual world.

This space is reigned by Freedom in all its manifestations unlike the third dimension world that is ruled by Fear.

Well here, in the world of the Fifth dimension, these pure light human Souls can dispose of their Freedom the best way to their own good and the good of other people.

They will enjoy every opportunity to give free scope to their talents – each in their own field.

To do so they can use not only the best achievements of earthly geniuses ever lived on Earth who they know but those of representatives of other civilizations and parallel worlds.

At their disposal there will be the whole Universe “library” or “information field” as it is often referred to.

They will have access to any knowledge on any issue they are interested in and they will get it immediately since time parameters in the Fifth dimension are quite different.

Unique scientific developments will be created due to this, as well as wonderful works of art, masterpieces of music, pictures and wall paintings rare in their beauty, unusual architecture erections and many-many more.

You will be creating in big and small making use of your precursors once embodied on different planets, in different worlds and different dimensions.

Therefore, my dear, you will not be bored – so exciting and interesting your new life will be.

While the truth will be drawn by you from the pure Divine source this time – the golden fund of the Universe that has been collected grain by grain for billiards of years thanks to invaluable experience of the best sons and daughters of the Universe.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 7, 2020.

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  1. Maria E Cannon says:

    Thank you Father Absolute,

    With Gratitude and Love


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