WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Depersonalization of people)

window-on-new-world-depersonalization-of-peopleGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will speak about one more present-day reality that is as dangerous for humanity as digitizing.

And at issue will be depersonalizing of people – depriving them of their innate essence.

This plan of globalists pursues two goals at the same time: depopulation and perversion of the genuine human essence, which changes not only human appearance but also energy, which is as important.

So as to understand all the tragedy of the modern innovations, let us consider what happens at the subtle level when an individual changes their sex.

Besides, it does not matter if they have already done it at the physical level or has not done it yet.

Since the conscience is primary, even reckoning oneself among the representatives of another sex is enough to change one’s energy profile drastically.

And it happens because male and female energies are dominant for one as their merging gives birth to a new life.

Besides, it first occurs at the subtle level and only then at the physical one.

This is exactly the reason why the change of conscience: switching the female energy component for the male one and the other way round – leads to irreversible consequences.

And since it is becoming increasingly popular on Earth, such energy disbalance produces influence on the energy profile of the planet as a whole too.

Why does it happen?

From times immemorial male and female souls’ embodiment on Earth has been regulated the way the process of natural population increase does not cease.

And “distortions” in this process occurred only as a result of wars and other forcible actions in respect of people when a considerable part of Earth’s population was annihilated.

To put it shortly, birth rate has been a self-regulating process because at the subtle level, in the absence of time frames, there has always been seen a real picture of the events taking place on Earth both current and coming ones.

But what has been happening on Earth for recent decades ruins natural birth processes completely.

The reasons for that are numerous but the main one is deliberate interference into this sacred process by humans themselves.

Sexual promiscuity, sex for pleasure or as a tool for achieving certain goals, contraceptives – all these made the foundation of not only artificially controlled birth rate but also the energy chaos in men’s and women’s auras.

For a physically and mentally healthy child to be born there is required energy purity of their parents and a powerful merging of the male and female principles that is based on sincere Love.

This is what guarantees a happy and full life of a person and their ability to procreate having made their family really strong in all respects – energy, mental and physical.

Where do problems commonly called as “family curse” come from in some families?

It mostly results from the energy disbalance of the male and female principles in some of relatives, their inharmomious relationships or lack of Love.

And most often this is the way karmic knots were tied as a result of which one and the same souls but in different variations kept on embodying in the next generations of the family.

In this case the distorted energy profile of one single couple was able to make an impact on the descendants until some of them broke free from the “vicious circle”.

It is accounted for by the fact that energy that one emits outwards does not disappear anywhere – it can just get transformed as a result of heedful thoughts and actions of a person who is learning their lessons of the third dimension world.

And it is reflected especially apparently in the relationships between man and woman.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 19, 2023.

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