window-on-new-world-hormone-warGreetings, my dear beloved children!

As a follow-up to my previous message now I would like to tell you what happens to an individual when they change their sex at the physical level this time.

In this case there occurs a complete rearrangement of their body at the hormone level.

What is it fraught with for a human Soul?

But first, it is necessary to understand what hormones are.

Hormones are Divine substance in the human body that determines among all the rest their sexual identity.

And if all of a sudden hormone balance is changed, personal qualities of a person change as well.

In other words, hormone rearrangement leads to an overall transformation of personality and, consequently, to catastrophic aftereffects for the Soul.

You already know that every Soul carefully plans its new embodiment in the third dimension world where it comes to gain the experience it lacks for its spiritual development.

And of especially great significance for it is the choice of the male or female sex.

Not a single Soul in the Universe plans for itself the experience of the artificial change of sex at the physical level.

The things that now happen on Earth are the appalling violation of all the Laws of the Universe and coercion in respect of the innate essence of man.

Their physical body is a sacred Divine vessel, a unique and perfect Creation that features the gene of God.

And intrusion into this Creation – its rearrangement another way – is by far the grossest crime in the history of humanity.

Why have the Dragon reptiles decided to commit it?

Out of despair.

Having confessed their inability to stem the gene of God in pure human souls, they took courage to make the last attempt to pervert human genetics so as to change their innate Divine essence.

To speed up the implementation of their plans they launched several programmes at a time that are designed to achieve this goal and include introduction of gene modified preparations that they cynically called “vaccines”, hormone “therapy”, as well as change of human sex by surgery.

Well, what occurs to one’s Soul as a result of manipulations with one’s body?

Most often having failed to put up with such sacrilege, it abandons such person’s body.

And when there is only conscience in the physical body left, without the support of the Divine Soul, it becomes vulnerable and easy to control.

This is what the Dragon reptiles are striving for, whose aim is to make an army of obedient slaves – with no kith or kin.

This is exactly the reason for such rapid spreading of transgender trend all around the globe.

Sometimes you do not believe your eyes watching wild and absurd gatherings’ sights of vulgar sexless creatures who seem to be deprived of the human appearance.

And they are actually deprived of it since their human Souls have left these bodies that were violated against and perverted physically and in terms of energy.

And next time we will talk about the things to be done to stop this criminal bacchanalia on Earth.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 19, 2023.

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