LIFE ON NEW EARTH (How to make friends with energy of time)

life-on-new-earth-how-to-make-friends-with-energy-of-timeGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, let us go on speaking about one’s age in terms of one’s interaction with the energy of time.

Why do many people start perceiving time in a different manner as they are growing older?

For some people it literally starts “flying”, while for others it stops.

It is mainly explained by the fact that in the course of time a third dimension person’s habits acquired during the present incarnation become aggravated.

Mentality and behaviour stereotypes typical of them show themselves in a more concentrated manner now, which decreases their vibrations and, consequently, the energy of time getting into their field becomes deformed, which is expressed as their unusual way of perception.

What about ideal relations between time and a third dimension world person?

Before all, one should never be in a hurry anywhere since the more one fusses around and hurries up, the lower the chances for one to manage to do the things planned.

The reason for that to happen has already been discussed by us: getting into inharmonious energy space the energy of time becomes as inharmonious.

Moreover, inner haste affects both human psychic, and human health.

One’s body getting tuned in to the inharmonious energy of time undergoes severe stress because it starts working in a chaotic mode.

One’s heart beat becomes more rapid, blood pressure goes up and, as a result, blood starts circulating all around the body not in a smooth and measured way but by jerks, which causes extra load over all the internals.

In other words, physiological processes in one’s body turn as inharmonious since they are directly related to the energy of time.

While if a person is absolutely calm in one’s heart, balanced and concentrated on the thing they are busy with at this precise moment, that is, they are at the moment of “here and now”, time becomes their trustful assistant.

They always do everything in time.

Their balanced psychological condition and the course of time being as balanced in their energy space influences their physical well-being in the most favourable manner.

All their internals function in a mode comfortable for the body and, consequently, they do not have any dangerous excessive loads.

Therefore, people of the same biological age living in different vibrations energies due to their character and habits get older in a different way.

Nervous, fussy and emotionally unrestrained people, as a rule, look much older than those living in the energies of high vibrations and maintaining peace and quiet in their Soul.

Yet, it should be kept in mind that what is at issue is inside state of a person since in outward appearance people often try to conceal negative traits of their character.

So, it is possible to deceive other people but it is impossible to deceive inner energies.

They live their own life directly interacting with the energy of time that in the third dimension world behaves in a way quite different from that of the higher dimensions worlds’ one and it means it influences one’s age in the most direct manner.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on February 26, 2020.

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