revelationGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will digress from our topic and talk about the current events on your planet.

What changes have occurred here for several weeks?

Of course, we will focus not on well-known facts but on the processes in progress behind the scenes both at the subtle and physical level.

In terms of energy your planet has already entered the space of the fourth dimension to a full degree.

At the physical level it shows in enhancement of confrontation between the Forces of Light and Dark.

The marionettes of the shadow government now deliberately, now undeliberately show vehement activity that sometimes goes beyond common sense.

Following the instructions of their bosses they make themselves vulnerable since the wave of public protests is ready this time to “sweep” them away from the state ruling posts they hold now.

It is before long now that the change of the leading countries of the world’s governments is to take place.

Well, what happens at the side of the Forces of Light?

The energies now arriving at Earth encourage an increasing number of people to start understanding the actual essence of things, with the version of the events in Ukraine imposed on people being among them.

There, certainly, remain a lot of those who, anyway, take everything communicated by the media for gospel and judge the current events exceptionally by external factors not pondering over the causes and effects of this conflict or those it is beneficial to.

While sensible people try to find as much truthful information as possible so as to make up their own opinion and understand how to live and act on.

And, without a doubt, it is not by chance that the confrontation between the two countries of common Slavonic roots that has developed into a fratricidal war has influenced the whole world now.

It is this appalling crime of globalists who managed to play off against once united nation that became the very litmus test that has made apparent the essence of the processes in progress – torn away the masks not only from politicians but from each inhabitant of Earth irrespective of their nationality or residence.

And it has happened due to the fact that too much is being staked on now: as much as the existence of a whole civilization.

This is the reason for a crucial battle for it to unfold on the territory of the Russes – the main keepers of the Divine code.

As ever has everything become obvious everywhere – no one can hide their true intentions behind nice words.

And everyone is free to take the side of either Light or Dark.

So now this confrontation has embraced the whole world.

In each country people intentionally or unintentionally choose Dark or Light – and, before all, in their Soul.

And the things that show themselves in the external world help them make their choice.

Looking at the participants of the conflict they now feel by intuition who is who, what the tasks and goals of the conflicting parties are and whose interests they represent.

Therefore, it is now a global conflict of interests of the secret world government and common people and, consequently, the outcome of the situation depends on each inhabitant of Earth no matter whether they know about it or not.

But, fortunately, my dear, the energy contribution to this process made by pure human souls is uncomparable to that of the rest ones – those souls who have not recovered yet.

And it means your victory over the Forces of Dark is close now.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on October 15, 2022.

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