WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (In one social status)

window-on-new-world-in-one-social-statusGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, let us go on talking about social status of a new world man from the energy point of view.

And again let us turn to comparison of the third and fourth dimensions worlds.

As you know, in the third dimension world the ruling top is usually reached by the people of certain traits or having personal contacts in “high” circles.

Well, what traits are they?

Before all, it is ambition that breeds a whole set of negative qualities – such as false pride, selfishness, immorality, that is, of all the things that allows one for one’s mercenary purposes to walk all over people who are less ambitious or practical.

And even if in some miracle way an honest and decent person succeeds in attaining pinnacles of power who cares for nation’s interests, they are hardly to keep them for long.

And the reason is that they unintentionally get onto the energy “orbit” of the people around them.

Their powerful oppressive negative energy profile and physical actions aimed at forcing out a stranger that disrupts balance of their well-established habits literally oust this person out of their environment.

In the higher echelons of power they wage life-and-death struggle for a place in the sun up till a total moral lapse.

So, the energies holding sway there are literally destructive for the Soul.

And the higher the step of the power “pyramid”, the greater the amount of the negative energy concentrated there since so as to get up there people are sometimes driven to the grossest moral crimes.

Hence, the higher one’s social status in the third dimension world is, the lower one’s vibrations are.

While in the worlds of the fourth and then Fifth dimensions everything happens just the other way round.

Control over people, coordination of their actions to be exact, will be done by crystal pure souls featuring outstanding management abilities.

The goal of their work will be not personal profit or material incentive but happiness and welfare of the people who followed them.

The one who will be able to cross the border line separating the worlds of the third and fourth density will now be unable to live in low energies and will strive for increasing one’s vibrations even more and moving to the long-awaited world of the Fifth dimension.

That is why they will do their best to advance spiritually themselves and help others with this too.

And since in the fourth dimension the energy that will becoming a prevailing one is the Energy of Unity and Love, any kind of subordination will naturally disappear from the world of people and, consequently, social status as it is will cease hanging over people.

One will be eager not to get a higher status in society but be handy for the people around irrespective of one’s occupation.

In the energy of one vibrations the head of the state, teacher, architect, gardener, worker – in a word, anyone no matter what they do or where they live – everybody will exist in one social status.

And such state of things has a lot of advantages because any person will be available to others, and exchange of opinions will occur directly, not through a chain of intermediaries of this or that rank.

This is exactly what I meant while telling you about a horizontal system of government in the world of the fourth dimension in contrast to the well-established chain of command in the third dimension world.

As you see, my dear, even here – in issues such as structure of society that seem so bureaucratic – the main factor is the energy level of this society members.

This is the quality of their vibrations that the means of communication between people depends on even at the state level.

And all this will soon become your reality.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 11, 2022.

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