LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Medical implants)

life-on-new-earth-medical-implantsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about one more phenomenon that arose “thanks to” modern medicine.

And at issue there will be implants that now have also become widely spread.

And while some of them appeared as one of the kinds of prosthetics, the so-called cosmetic implants rather as a means of making money for the expense of people who were tempted by the medical entrepreneurs’ advertising tricks.

Unfortunately, this desire is based on the crave that has been cultivated in people since long ago, the one for having an “ideal” appearance even for the expense of one’s individuality loss.

It is general depersonalization that model business is aimed at, as well as beauty standards imposed on people “showering” them at every turn through fashion magazines, TV screens and commercials…

In a word, all the media are focused on creating some kind of a beauty standard in minds of young people they should strive for.

As a result, some people who do not meet such standard develop inferiority complex and so as to manage it they take courage to change their appearance neglecting the consequences of their deeds.

In my recent message there was at issue the energy, moral and physical damage made by plastic surgery so today we will dwell on just implants introduced into the physical body and their impact on it.

A lot of women dream of becoming “curvaceous” and venture to enlarge this or that part of their body thereby trying to deceive nature.

They sincerely believe it will help them attract men’s attention and, consequently, acquire their woman’s happiness.

And here their dream comes true: they have implants put in and get the “shapes” they were longing for.

Well, what happens to their body from the energy and Divine points of view?

As you already know, any artificial intervention into the energy, let alone physical, space of a person upsets their subtle material structure – integrity of their innate nature thereby distorting their Divine essence.

And when healthy flesh has alien man-made body introduced into it, its well-established subtle material structure gets interfered to the extent that the whole body’s natural functional rhythms upset.

So, due to the change of blood vessels location its blood circulation becomes impaired, as well as muscle tissues move from their usual location which results in their becoming compressed and sometimes in their atrophy.

It looks like a person is trying to squeeze into a wonderful Divine vessel of their body that has already has everything perfectly fit in something odd that apparently would not get into, yet, they still force, literally “shove”, it in.

And, of course, such energy and physical violence towards one’s own body distorting not only their subtle bodies but also the physical one cannot change one’s life for the better or make one happy.

Thus, “curvaceous” women, as a rule, appeal not to the men they were destined to meet which means that the overall karmic chain of their present incarnation is ruined.

Will not be beneficial health problems they get either that in such cases are inevitable.

As for dental implants, despite proven technologies, they are also potentially minacious since they feature wave character different from one’s natural teeth’s one.

And at this point it is extremely important to level them in terms of energy – tune onto the averaged vibrations of the body.

And we will later speak about it in detail.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 4, 2021.

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