WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Divine “tool” for world vision)

window-on-new-world-divine-tool-for-world-visionGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to summarize my series of messages about the sixth chakra – the “third eye” of man or, in other words, their spiritual vision.

Its activation and application in everyday life enable you to leave the frames of the third dimensionality and start seeing the current events from the “height” of the subtle level.

In case of most people it occurs unintentionally, while some others start making use of this Divine tool for world vision intentionally now.

And now we will consider the advantages and disadvantages of both the approaches so as to find the best variant of interaction with one’s higher aspects.

Unintentional application of the “third eye” is great because in this case one is guided by one’s intuition through life in the most natural way, with no efforts for one’s part.

Everything goes with a swing since one completely trusts one’s Soul that interacts itself with the “third eye”, and this “tandem” finds the best variants of one’s life’s events.

As far as intentional work with the sixth chakra is concerned, it presupposes “work” as it is, which conveys the element of seriousness and careful watching the events that take place.

Meanwhile, the playful element and that of ease in one’s behaviour disappears.

One is too concentrated on the expectations of one’s “labour” results, while unintentional intuition makes one free from these expectations, and everything occurs naturally – the way it is to be and always to one’s good.

The only negative feature of the unintentional work with the sixth chakra is that it can be difficult for one to trace cause-effect relation of the things in progress since one simply does not care about it.

Yet, sometimes, it can be important and even necessary so as to avoid making one and the same mistakes in one’s life, which will facilitate one’s advancing on the spiritual way faster.

While the person that intentionally uses their spiritual “vision” monitors all the nuances of both their behaviour and that of the people around analyzing them carefully and making appropriate conclusions.

Anyway, my dear, there are no rules or instructions here.

Everything depends on your individual traits, temperament and worldview.

It is typical of some people to be spontaneous in behaviour and light-hearted in perception of reality, while some others feature analytical turn of mind and excessive responsibility and systematic approach.

Yet, the golden mean is appropriate here, too.

The main thing is to feel that you are guided by your “third eye” in life – your intuition, not by the cut-and-dry material “vision” of the third dimension world man that often leads your way in the wrong direction.

This is what the golden mean implies: the inner feeling of the road you have chosen being right – of it being YOUR own decision, not imposed from without but the one from the deep of your Heart and inspired by your intuition.

This is exactly what “spiritual vision” is, the one that higher worlds’ inhabitants rely on and the only one capable of seeing the road they are originally destined for.

But already now you can use your “third eye” as a Divine tool of spiritual “navigation”, which will allow you to settle in the fourth dimension still more securely.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on November 17, 2022.

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