transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-love-crystals-lightGreetings, my dear beloved children!

So, let us go on speaking about the way of harmonizing and balancing the vibrations of the four lower bodies now: physical, etheric, emotional and causal.

These bodies’ merging into a single energy system can happen only on condition that your fourth chakra and the corresponding emotional body are able to let the high vibration energies of your three renewed lower bodies pass through them.

To facilitate this you should activate your Crystal of Love set in your heart chakra as much as possible.

This Crystal has been living in each of you for a long time, and it shows itself by warmth filling your chest every time you think about someone or something with love.

And there are some people using it quite consciously, who intentionally direct the Rays of Love to humans, cities, countries, natural elements, your planet and the Universe…

So, now I will give you a practice designed to get your Crystal of Love ready for the sacred work on your physical body transformation into the light crystalline one.

Starting from this stage of your physical body transformation into the light crystalline one the Crystal of Love becomes a “transit zone” for the uniting of your lower and upper bodies into a single energy system.

And it is extremely important it is in good condition – its vibration frequency being stable and averaged so as not to cause too large vibration fluctuations in the energy construction of your light crystalline body that is not strong enough yet.

Well, let us move on to the practice that we will call “The light of the Crystal of Love”.

For this you should invoke all your Heavenly patrons, reach a meditative state and get totally concentrated on your heart chakra.

Ask me to activate your Crystal of Love set there to a full degree and then concentrate on your feelings.

Try to see with your inner vision its sacred crystalline structure…

It is sparkling, with all its facets running the gamut and reflecting the Energy of Unconditional Love flowing down from Heaven…

You perceive this Love with all your being…

Your body is brimming with It, and It is going far beyond the scope of your own energy space…

Everything around is getting filled with the shine and warmth of your Crystal of Love…

Remember this state and try to initiate it in yourselves intentionally as often as possible – until this warmth and unlimited Love instinctively flow out of you all the time…

Have you ever thought, my dear ones, why it is the CRYSTAL of Love that I activated in you?

But the name itself is an answer.

The Crystal of Love set in the heart chakra of a person is a formation source and at the same time a magnet for all the rest of the crystals transforming your physical body into the light crystalline one.

While the “implosion” of your lower and upper bodies just in it will be a climax of the transfiguration of the third dimension person into the Human God of the Fifth dimension.

Therefore, please, my dear ones, pay special attention to the practice given to you today and do your best to maintain your Crystal of Love activated by me today to a full extent at this level all the time now.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on September 21, 2019.

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