transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-divine-trapGreetings, my dear beloved children!

So, we are moving to the causal body and its role in your new light crystalline body formation.

As you know, it is exactly the body that is responsible for self-expression of a person that is manifested in all creative aspects of life.

As for the people of the third dimension world, who are the majority on Earth, it shows itself in speech patterns, overwhelming thoughts, analysis of these or those events, reasoning, arguments, idle talk and sometimes in conversations with oneself.

As you already know, thought goes “hand in hand” with emotion. They are inseparable just like Siamese twins or communicating vessels.

And while thought causes emotion, emotion in its turn overwhelms the thought that aroused it and imbues it with its energy over and over again.

This is what accounts for the fact that a fleeting thought of jealousy, envy or offence that just flashed through your mind then looms large and sometimes gigantic being filled with the negative energies generously supplied to a person by astral beings who feed on this kind of energy.

This is the reason why we started the work on your third dimension bodies’ transformation with harmonization of the three lower bodies including the emotional one.

Being filled with high vibration energies of the Fifth dimension the emotional body will not respond instantly, just the way it used to do, to negative thoughts that still automatically appear in a person’s conscience.

And having no usual energy support your negative thoughts will not be able to influence the state of your conscience considerably and will eventually disappear in a while.

So, now your task is to harmonize your emotional and causal bodies and make them acquire the vibration frequency that will prevent any negative energies from penetrating into these subtle bodies.

In order to get prompt results you should learn both to scan all your thoughts carefully and to dissolve immediately those of them that can attract emotions conveying negative energies.

And now I will give you the practice that can be your “magic wand” in such situations.

Let us call it “Divine trap”.

For this you should imagine there is a negative thought “trap” at the level of your fifth chakra and the causal body that corresponds to it.

There is Divine energy of the Fifth dimension that is sparkling and shining inside the trap.

You can imagine it whatever the way you like – here you can rely on your imagination.

The main thing is that you should feel it clearly and can visualize immediately.

It should take a sound position in your energy space at the level of the causal body – become its integral part and the usual attribute of your life

And each time you get a thought lacking Love you should direct it to this “trap” where it will be “remelted” into the energy of the Fifth dimension and, consequently, no negative emotions could be pulled to it.

Let it be the first steps of yours on the leveling of your emotional and causal bodies.

Make it a habit to instantly sort your thoughts out and to tune your causal body to the high frequency of the Fifth dimension and direct anything that does not meet this high level straight away to your Divine “trap” to be “remelted”.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on September 20, 2019.

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