for-the-sake-of-life-on-earthGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to talk to you about the current events on your planet since I see that many of you turned gloomy because of the vaccination related measures becoming stricter and stricter.

It seems to you that the situation is only getting from bad to worse every single day, while your freedoms are becoming limited more and more.

Many ask themselves: “Where is the wonderful life we are told about by the Higher Powers and our Galaxy family? When on earth will it come true?”

I understand your impatience, my dear, that is sometimes so hard for you to deal with.

But, of course, the delay of many events connected with Disclosure of the world government crimes is not incidental.

Do also remember that the operation on disclosure of its evil deeds is being carried out all around the globe.

There are almost no countries that are not involved into the process – so great is the degree to which all brunches of power on Earth are affected by corruption.

This global conspiracy against humanity embraced like with palpi the entire planet of yours.

And these palpi turned out to be so numerous that it is not so easy to “chop off” them all at a time.

It required the minute work of many thousands of people.

And this work is quite dangerous, for the power structure of your invaders has been arranged for centuries.

It is well organized, and not only the members of the secret societies are involved into it but also incumbent heads of countries who have real power over people in their grip.

And so far they can dispose of this power in the way most ruinous for you.

Therefore, all the forces involved into the deliverance of humanity, both earthly and cosmic ones, have to carefully think over and verify each step of theirs, each action and each word so as not to do harm to you and to carry their operation successfully up till the end.

It should also be kept in mind that the majority of the people on your planet are not ready to hear the truth yet that will ruin their usual world and will lead to severe psychic disorders.

There are too many things at stake, and your rescuers have to find the balance that will facilitate to carry out the operation on the overthrow of the world government with the least physical and psychic loss among the population.

While for reptiloids and those in their ilk human life has no value, for the Light Forces each Soul is invaluable, and they are doing their best not only to preserve it on Earth but also not to hurt it with their too sharp or vigourous actions.

The work that is being carried out in this direction is elaborate indeed.

That is why, my dear, try not to lose heart but, on the contrary, help these courageous creatures at all the levels of existence bring this work to an end imbuing it with all your Love and Gratitude.

Help them mentally, physically and in terms of energy, too.

Fill collective human conscience with your high vibrations.

Send to the Universe your pure and sincere intention to break free from the third dimension world matrix and start to live a new way on the Earth of the Fifth dimension.

As often as possible and as vividly as possible visualize this new life reigned by Unity, Equality and Brotherhood – the things your conscience is ready for now and the things that have gained another contents – Divine ones – this time.

Believe me, your assistance cannot be overestimated, and each of you can do your bit to this unwitnessed before grand process of Transition of an entire planet and the best representatives of humanity to another stage of their evolution.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 2, 2021.

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