LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Spiritual revival and support)

life-on-new-earth-spiritual-revival-and-supportGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk in detail about Angel assistants of the Archangel of Seraphim.

At present with the mass revival of people from the century-old spiritual slavery the amount of work for the Archangel Seraphim and his Angel “team” is especially huge.

You have already read in my messages a lot of times that at present there is in progress struggle for each human Soul.

Why is it so important now?

Because there is at stake the success of a great experiment of the Universe scale – Transition of Earth with her inhabitants into another dimension, and each earthling’s vibrations make their contribution to this process.

Thus, low vibrations pull the planet down, while high ones facilitate her advance, for you are still an integral part of Earth and, consequently, participate in making her overall vibration profile.

That is why, helping one make spiritual progress, Angels and Archangels at the same time also help your planet overcome the last barrier separating her from the long-awaited ultimate Transition to a new era.

So now, when everyone is facing the dilemma: whether to live in fear and submission or remain a free Divine creature taking responsibility for one’s own life and one’s children’s life, they are in need of support and help from above as ever.

And here it is, my dear, – powerful, inexhaustible, featuring Unlimited and Unconditional Love to each of you.

It is mostly due to the support of the Archangel Seraphim and his Angels that people revive spiritually and gain belief in themselves, which enables them to act in a more decisive way at the physical level this time protecting themselves and their children from ruinous for their health and psyche absurd instructions of authorities executing the will of the hidden world government.

Your Heavenly assistants tirelessly fill you with the energies of Unity, Love and Belief in yourself.

They dissolve the energies of fear and inferiority that literally hover in the air paralyzing the will of the majority of your planet’s population.

There is in progress fierce confrontation between Light and Dark that all the Archangels and Angels participate in, who have chosen Service to humanity at this time supreme for Earth.

And now, the mission of the Archangel of Seraphim’s Angels is mostly in supporting each person who took courage to go against the mainstream and inflaming the fire of Love in their Soul, as well as giving them Spiritual Strength and Belief in themselves.

In other words, they help each revived person to realize themselves as a particle of the Creator and arrange their life from the perspective of a free individual now, not a slave of the rotten system that was created by reptiloids and has had its days on Earth.

And thoughtless chaotic actions of the latter to some extent help them in this.

More and more people are becoming aware of the trap they got into and of those who have spread these devil nets for them.

So right now, the main concern for the Archangel Seraphim and his assistants has become working with the conscience of this new wave of the revived people.

They help these people take the hardship sent without anger or hatred, which just destroy them physically and morally, directing their energy a positive and constructive way.

And you already see the results of their work.

In many countries of the world there has started the mass movement of disobedience that unites professional doctors, lawyers, politicians and public figures, and this movement will gain in strength and scale with every single day.

Thereby your invisible Heavenly assistants take an active part in life of people directing their energy not to destruction but to creation.

And all this happens due to the fact that Safeguard Angels, Angels and Archangels carry out unceasing and systematic work with the Soul of each revived person filling them with Divine energies of highest vibrations.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on October 8, 2020.

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