LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Immortality code)

life-on-new-earth-immortality-codeGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, let us go on talking about what Archon is and about the part played by him in all the events taking place on Earth now.

Unfortunately, it is the most direct and even the leading one.

But to enable you to get a better idea of how he has managed to “succeed” in this, we will have to return to remote past – to the time when reptiloids appeared on your planet.

So as to consolidate here once and for all and not just consolidate but take key posts in all the political, social, religious and financial establishments all over the world, they needed the uniting principle: a certain system of beliefs tightly fastening together the top of their authority – high caste reptiloids who know about their origin.

And their uniting principle like this became Archon.

Having concentrated all the kinds of negative energies existing in the Universe, he has also acquired a whole army of “servants” as Demons each of whom “specializes” in some certain type of negative energy.

Thus, there are Demons of hatred, offence, jealousy, greed, cruelty, aggression…

They are also subjects to their own hierarchy, with the most powerful of them being Demons feeding on the energy of sadism.

Yes, my dear, do not be surprised, such energy also exists in the Universe and it has numerous shades and nuances.

It includes not only physical tortures of man but also moral ones – such as purposeful and unceasing humiliation that can be manifested in any way from verbal insult to beating.

But the height of sadism and the most desired energy for Archon is the energy of fear of death and especially death suffering of a child being accompanied by slow and cruel torture of their flesh.

And at the very moment of the sufferer’s transition beyond the veil their pineal gland secretes a certain substance in your world called “adrenochrome” which is the universal means for rejuvenation and gaining strength.

Why does it possess qualities so unique?

The only reason is that innocent creature’s death as poignant allows their soul to immediately get where a soul of a person leaving the physical level in a calm and peaceful condition gets only on the fortieth day.

So, during these fractions of a second the soul’s transition to higher worlds is physically expressed in emission of this unique substance containing “immortality code”.

This is human genetic code as it is and soul takes it away after its physical body’s death to the higher worlds where it rests till its next incarnation.

And only under extraordinary circumstances when one’s death, and especially a child’s death, results from sadistic actions to them, this code shows at the physical level for a split second, which their torturers are well aware of.

Thus, the energy of sadism – the concentration of the most disgusting negative energies – for some fractions of a second provokes the emission of another “concentrated” energy – Divine one that saving the human Soul from unbearable tortures throws it over right to the Higher worlds so as to immediately delete the memory of the nightmare experienced.

And such concentration of this energy is required for the Soul to get opportunity to “push off” and make a spurt and in this case it “pushes off” from the physical level – the location where the crime was committed.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 6, 2020.

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