life-on-new-earth-archonGreetings, my dear beloved children!

It is high time to tell you about what the creatures controlling your planet really are.

At present, when there has appeared quite a lot of information on actual state of affairs in politics, finance, medicine, filmmaking, show business and what tools for human conscience control are involved, I can tell you in more details how people engaged in this, who are most often inhuman, are connected with the subtle level of Earth and who their actual master is.

Why have I decided to tell you about this just now?

First of all, because of the fact that even my series of messages about the astral world and reptiloids for some people turned out shocking.

The conscience of many of you was not ready yet to accept such information.

But now, with documentary evidence of the things mentioned in the Higher Powers messages becoming more and more numerous, you will be able to perceive the knowledge new and unusual to you in an adequate way.

As it was mentioned earlier, collective reptiloid conscience possesses a clear-cut and ramified structure as an energy net enveloping Earth and it resembles honeycombs.

It can be compared with circulatory system of man in which blood is made to circulate all around the body by the heart.

But in this case, a “pump” like this driving energy through all the reptiloids embodied as humans is the so-called Archon.

This is a dark being who has absorbed enormous amount of negative energy that he gathers like tribute not only from his “subordinates” – reptiloids and other low vibration creatures embodied as humans but also from people generating negative energies.

Some people confuse Archon with Lucifer who for many is associated with Devil or Demon.

Yet, while Lucifer has opportunity for spiritual growth, Archon is an embodiment of the Evil in all its manifestations.

This is the Evil as it is, and its evolution towards Light is impossible due to its origin.

“How on earth could Creator allow it to happen?!” – you can ask.

And I will answer your question: “This evil was not created artificially. It resulted from involution, moral lapse of many and many civilizations that travelled the long and poignant road of their development wandering away now this direction, now that one – now moving towards Light, now falling down into Dark again”.

Thereby, the Universe gradually has nurtured this Monster – insatiable consumer of the energies of the lowest vibrations.

As long as more and more civilizations turned to Light, making him starve he learnt to act in a more and more sophisticated way so that his source of nourishment does not cease.

He was constantly searching for new “providers” of the energies needed, and the Dragon race turned out to be the number one variant.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 5, 2020.

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