vaccination-effectsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to talk about the effects of vaccination having impact on many people both in your country and all over the world.

As you see, the truth is becoming more and more apparent, and it starts leaking even into the official mass media.

Why do so many people die almost right after vaccination, while others have severe aftereffects?

It is accounted for by several factors.

The first of them is an energy one.

Since Earth’s vibrations are swiftly increasing, and the developed vaccine against the artificially created virus features vibrations as “artificial” and, consequently, very low ones, it comes into discord not only with the human body but with the energy space around it as well.

Being introduced into the human body it starts its destructive work at the energy level, first of all.

And this is how it occurs.

It begins to “change the frequency” of all vital functions organs that automatically have already tuned into the new vibrations of Earth and upset their rhythm.

In other words, in terms of energy the vaccine pulls one back to the third dimension world, and in this case one’s response to it depends on how much one oneself is involved into this world emotionally and mentally.

Thus, people of very low vibrations whose conscience has not advanced yet to the level that allows them to get turned into the new vibrations of Earth can “put up” with this intrusion of the alien low vibration substance into their body and they will be able to live with it for some time.

While those whose vibrations come into discord with the vaccine taken respond to it in a very painful manner: their body rejects it every possible way which shows in all kinds of aftereffects right up to leaving the physical level.

It is by the level of vibrations that different response to one and the same vaccine is accounted for.

The second factor is the placebo effect – both positive and negative one.

Thus, the person who has read a lot about wonder-working qualities of the vaccine taken mentally and emotionally makes their body “motivated” to accept it.

While those who have found information about its harmful effects turn gripped with fear for their life, which triggers self-destruction mechanism, with the vaccine itself encouraging it, for this is what it is designed for.

The third factor is the physical condition of a person when they take the vaccine.

Thus, a perfectly sound young body is able to resist the harmful effect of the vaccine for some time. And “durability” differs from person to person.

While the body weakened by other diseases gives up almost immediately.

This is exactly the reason for numerous lethal cases caused by vaccination among old and elderly people.

And, of course, the three factors are closely interconnected, and they can influence the developments either all together or being combined in different ways depending on the individual peculiarities of a person.

This is what explains different response to one and the same vaccine among people.

The most resistant to the vaccines are reptiloids being an artificially created race whose vibrations are of the same vibration frequency as those of vaccines.

They were those staked on by the ones who conceived this appalling experiment on people.

The part left for reptiloids was that of the “locomotive” that by their own example will pull all the “train” of humanity.

Therefore the full-scale experiment is being carried out now in the countries of the highest concentration of these creatures embodied as humans.

Today we focused on just the physical response of the human body to vaccination since its impact on the Divine component of humans has already been spoken about a lot in my previous messages.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 12, 2021.

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