ASCENSION IN ACTION (Interconnection of the laws of the universe)

ascension-in-action-interconnection-of-the-laws-of-the-universeGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will continue our conversation about the influence of the Law of Free Will on your life.

Perhaps, it is the lack of knowledge or incorrect understanding of this law that is the cause of many of your illnesses, sorrows and troubles.

This Law is very closely interlaced with the Law of cause and effect, and to better understand how it’s happening, let’s look at the concrete example; perhaps, the most widespread one – mother’s love towards her child and her desire to see him happy.

Let’s agree, dear ones, that it is the most difficult thing – not invading a personal space of your child. It happens because your desire to defend him from difficulties and troubles is often stronger than you are.

You imagine that you know better what he needs to do and how he has to live, and very few of you can refrain from such “kind” parental advises.

Also a very few people in the 3D world can really feel the Soul of the child, hear her wishes and needs, and can accept her Free Will. More often you act according to stereotypes accepted in the world of duality, and by doing that you are practically transgressing the Law of Free Will towards your children.

And as a result, the conflicts arise between you, because even a small child always knows what he needs and knows when he faces a resistance to his true wishes, therefore, a spirit of resistance rises up within him, which means an aggression.

But sometimes, the child is closing inwardly, understanding a futility of the struggle with his “loving” parents.

If such confrontations continue, the child becomes depressed and loses interest to life. And it becomes the cause of many illnesses, which are very difficult to overcome, for example allergies.

In such cases, an illness is a result of the suppression of the will of your child, his submission to your rules and life principles.

Of course, dear ones, you cannot confuse a Free Will with permissiveness, going into another extreme, otherwise you will exchange places and your child will start invading your space, suppressing your Free Will.

Here is a very subtle difference, and it is possible to keep the  balance between the two extremes, only when Love and Respect for each other reign in your family, despite the age of each family member. When each of you is considerate of the opinions of others, and only when the opinions are not imposed aggressively, distorting the energy space of another person and feeding him with negative energies.

An incorrect understanding of the Law of Free Will often happens because the very word Love in the world of duality have taken on a meaning which is far from the true Divine Love.

Very often it means something else, such as care, protection, control, sexual desire, practical considerations, responsibility, feeling of guilt, and much much else.

But in reality, Love in the Divine understanding of this word means Respect for the person, Respect for his Soul.

It is the observance of the Law of Free Will.

It is a sincere desire to see a person happy, without imposing on him your understanding of happiness.

It is difficult to submit to such a concept for many of you, because in the world of duality your Ego comes to the forefront, always wishing to measure everyone around, and especially your loved ones, according to its own values. It is done to make sure that your Ego feels good, calm and comfortable in this habitual for you world of duality.

But now, dear ones, you need to get accustomed to the idea that this world is going to disappear together with its laws, and now the Eternal Divine Laws are coming into power. I would like very much that all of you will be ready for that.

Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken to you

Channelled by Marta on May 4, 2018

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