WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (“Heavy” environment)

window-on-new-world-heavy-environmentGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about one more external factor that influences your physical condition and produces negative impact on it.

It is your environment and, first of all, immediate one – family members, friends and colleagues at work, that is, the people that you cannot avoid communicating with the best will in the world.

At present the time has arrived when the most vigorous stratification according to vibrations is in progress.

It is connected with the fact that Earth herself is throwing off the ballast of heavy energies that prevent her from moving to the space of the Fifth dimension quickly and easily.

At the subtle level there are processes in progress that resemble phased undocking of a spaceship from “stages” that remain on earth.

And in this case a “spaceship” is your planet heading up high – to the Fifth dimension.

But this “ship” will not be able to take aboard all the inhabitants of Earth but only those who following her can get rid of the “ballast” preventing them from taking off.

Well, what is the ballast like this for you?

Generally speaking, it is everything that features low vibrations.

First of all, it is your own negative traits that make your energy background heavier and ruin you from within.

But it is also your environment that influences you in a destructive way from without this time.

Your physical body experiences “overloads” each time when your energy space is penetrated by the alien energies of low vibrations that are generated by the people from your environment.

And it can be especially dangerous when you send your own negative energies of irritation, offense or aggression in respect of these people.

Well, this is exactly what happens between people whose views and beliefs do not coincide and whose vibrations vary greatly.

Few of you are lucky to live in ideal conditions: among like-minded people who are at the same wavelength with you concerning everything.

But even if you try to deal with only people like these, beyond your community there are a lot of other people – those far from your ideal and sometimes totally overwhelmed by the third dimension world.

Not everyone can protect their energy space from their influence that now shows up in an especially aggressive way because these people in their turn are exposed to high vibration energies alien to them.

At present, at the joint of two epochs and two dimensions, the energy confrontation of people featuring different vibrations is switching over to its active phase, which at the physical level is expressed as intolerance and rejection of other people’s opinion that is distinct from their own.

Perhaps, many of you have already noticed it, as well as felt your changeable physical condition connected with such communication.

Now your body is getting enormous loads similar to those experienced by astronauts who find themselves on earth after being in the state of weightlessness.

And it is explained by the fact that your physical body that has been made as “light” as possible by spiritual practices and meditations on its transformation to the light crystalline one getting into the environment alien to it becomes by far the most “grounded” by the heavy negative energies of the environment that you are so far unable to neutralize to a full degree.

And next time I will provide you with a practice that will help you overcome this incompliance and save your physical body from destruction.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 24, 2022.

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