WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Divine filter)

window-on-new-world-divine-filterGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to continue talking about the external factors that influence your physical body.

My previous message said about the influence made on it by the location one lives in which, actually, is the crucial factor for all the rest too.

Life in the country grants one with clean air, organic food and spring water that are high vibration themselves and, consequently, are beneficial to your physical body as well.

But, of course, my dear, I understand how hard it can be for a third dimension person to change their life abruptly and leave an old haunt.

Well, what can be done by those of you who have no opportunity so far to break free from a big city and gain relative independence from the city infrastructure?

First of all, not to lose heart and believe in yourselves.

But it should not be blind faith but constructive activity aimed at overcoming the obstacles on the way to transition to the fourth dimension.

And it can be as follows.

You should start with the things that are easiest for you to influence – water and foodstuffs.

Find the opportunity to drink clean water and buy vegetables and fruit that are not treated with chemicals.

As for the food you have to buy in a shop, by all means purify them in terms of energy thereby neutralizing the harmful substances they contain.

The energy that tackles this task best is the Energy of the Supreme Creator of the Universe – a multipurpose energy that matches the third dimension world perfectly making the vibration gap between the third and fourth dimensions as small as possible.

As far as the air that you have to breathe in big cities is concerned, here you will have to make more efforts.

And for this purpose I offer you the following practice that we will call “Divine filter”.

The idea of it is to be all the time under protection of the Element of Air that will become your Patron and principal assistant in purifying the air you breathe.

You can gradually start applying this practice not only to your own energy space but the whole district and even the city you live in.

And this is what the practice is about.

Being in calm and harmonious condition, call for the Element of Air and try to become tuned onto it.

Feel its originality, its vibrations…

Remember this condition of yours very well so that invoking the Element of Air you can recognize it at once and feel its presence in your energy space.

Ask it to set a “Divine filter” around you that passing contaminated city air through itself will completely purify and structure it.

Little by little make your “filter” sphere of influence on the space around extended up till the size of the city you live in.

But this practice should become not a one-time action but regular work until it grows into a habit the same way as you set shield at yourselves getting involved into the thick of things in a big city.

It will take you a few minutes but the benefit of it will be enormous not only for you yourselves but for the people around and sometimes for a whole city too.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 23, 2022.

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