transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-like-cures-likeGreetings, my dear beloved children!

So, let’s go on speaking about the way you can influence your environment by means of your vibrations.

In my previous message we had an ideal case study that is rare to occur in practice.

What is most often to occur is the following.

A person striving for spiritual pureness and dreaming of Ascension does practices and meditations for filling Earth and collective human conscience with the energy of Love regarding it as being their Service.

It really gives good results and with the assistance of the Higher Forces of the Universe helps to anchor the new energies arriving on Earth nowadays.

But in their everyday life people are often very slow to change over and over again returning to old mentality and behaviour patterns.

As a result, they become conductors of high vibration frequency energies only during their meditations when they become completely isolated from the outer world.

But as soon as they return to this world in terms of their conscience and get involved in their usual routine dealing with different people, their energy frequency starts fluctuating ranging widely sometimes.

And this is natural, my dear ones, since it is difficult to remain “saints” in the whirl of the third dimension life.

But now it turns from a request into a must since energy “gaps” like this are fraught with your legging behind Earth’s vibration frequency to a considerable degree.

It is high time to constantly resonate with its vibrations so that not a single piece of bad news connected either with natural disasters or any situation in your life could be attracted to you.

The time is coming now when no one can escape the things they “deserve” by their thoughts, emotions and actions.

And, believe me, my dear ones, it is not “the Last Judgement” or “the day of reckoning” but just energy “boomerang”.

At present due to the fact that you are being influenced by new high vibration frequency energies there occurs manifold acceleration of all the Laws of the Universe functioning.

Thus, if you send someone negative energies such as censure, resentment, annoyance even after, for example, a long and deep meditation for Earth purification, they will return to you many times as fast and intensified at that.

It is accounted for by the fact that having filled your environment by energies of a very high frequency, which means having rarefied it to the utmost, you make it more susceptible to low vibration frequency energies passing.

Do you remember in one of my messages I made an example of a stone thrown into the air?

Well, your negative emotions immediately come back to you and serve as the good old “stone” thrown at you by the one your negative energy was addressed to.

The reason is that during the meditation you rarefied your subtle bodies as much as possible and they are ready now to accept and dissolve low vibration frequency energies.

But since at the moment of your own negative energy “outburst” in your energy space there appeared some kind of “a block” – a bundle of that kind of energy, being in the rarefied space it turned into a most powerful magnet that energies of the similar vibration frequencies are pulled to.

Why does this happen?

Only because of the fact that it has become a foreign body in your clear energy space and in order to neutralize it, there works the so-called “like cures like” principle: instant feedback of law of reflection.

Thereby, you become AWARE of the things you have done and straight away you take measures necessary to correct your mistake.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly Father-Absolute spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on July 3, 2019.

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