to-finish-so-as-to-startGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to continue with the issue of my previous message and explain to you why it takes such a long time to announce the deep state’s deeds, although you know that all the facts about them were compiled long ago.

Many of you regard as unjust the fact that quarantine measures are still being made tougher and more and more restrictions are being introduced all over the world.

It seems to you there is some kind of contradiction with the widely announced victory of the Light Forces.

Actually, all this is quite easy to explain.

This is exactly the way that the high vibration energies arriving at Earth are “pressing out” all the dirt and dark that has accumulated on your planet.

It resembles the way an abscess is gathering on human body.

Because it is necessary for it to become fully “mature” so as to break.

And this way at present all the deeds of the Dark Forces’ representatives on Earth are getting “mature”.

Everything is running to the point of absurdity, to its logical conclusion this time, and now even “fast asleep” average men start “opening their eyes” and understand that there is something wrong happening on Earth.

And when the critical mass of Earth’s population is awoken, this “abscess” will finally break.

From the energy point of view it looks as follows.

Having reached its apogee, the concentration of the negative energy generated by the ruling top and the structures under its control will simply burst leaving only some traces of “pus” as field employees at a loss who find themselves without the usual support of guiding instructions.

And it will be facilitated by the concentration of positive – high vibration – energy that will be emitted by the people who have risen from sleep they have found themselves for so long.

This is why I recommend you not to set hopes for help only from without but to undertake the most active steps yourselves – both energy and physical.

As it has been repeatedly mentioned in the Higher Powers messages, a human being incarnated in the physical body is a conductor of the high vibration energies arriving from the subtle level who anchors them and makes them amplified not just manifold but hundredfold and sometimes even thousandfold – depending on their own vibrations.

Just as all the Dark Forces on Earth are getting united in an attempt to carry through the outrage against humanity conceived by them, people should unite their efforts for counteracting these plans and for creating a new society of the Fifth dimension on Earth.

Yet, such kind of Unity is only possible through getting perfectly aware of one’s spiritual weakness and one’s mistakes that are being highlighted now at every turn showing people how low they have fallen allowing to humiliate and control themselves at every step.

In this case humanity should also arrive to the logical conclusion of the current situation – full understanding of the absurdity of their condition not worthy of a free Divine creature featuring self-respect.

This is what is happening on Earth: confrontation of different races and civilizations embodied as humans – Divine and not Divine – who are untying the tough karmic knot that resulted from their living together on this planet for thousands of years.

And it concerns absolutely each and every inhabitant of Earth.

Right now everybody has to make their final choice: which party they support – the Light or the Dark Forces.

At present you are at the interface of two epochs, in the active phase of Transition, and not only your own destiny depends on how you show yourself at this supreme moment but that of humanity in general as well since each of you is its inseparable part.

I bless you, my dear, and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 28, 2020.

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  1. I have made my final choice
    I support the Light Forces
    I am in deep gratitude to the Galactic Federation of Light and to the Planet Earth, Gaia and to Father Absolute for His immense Love, and I thank and Love my Self too.


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