divine-heritageGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to go on talking about genetic peculiarities of people and about their interaction with their conscience and Soul.

It is a very important aspect of knowledge that was the one to make the Dragon reptiles to commit a crime in order to affect the God Gene.

Why do globalists hunt for the genetic material of the Slavonic nations?

The main reason is, before all, that they are trying to reveal the mystery of their Soul and understand why it is so hard to control these people’s conscience unlike that of others who unmurmuringly absorb everything that the mainstream media are trying to communicate to them and immediately turn into obedient marionettes of their governments.

They want to understand people who live in consistence with intuition, not mind, with sensation, not reason.

They are surprised with the fact that those who have preserved the God Gene act against any reasoning or personal interests, even to the detriment of their own but in the name of some “ephemeral” tasks and goals.

They are trying to solve the riddle since they cannot control such people, for their conscience is beyond their own comprehension.

And at the same time they are afraid of these people feeling their unpredictability.

And any unpredictability is the first step to freedom.

For their millennial rule reptiloids have managed to bring to submission the whole world, and only a small part of the planet’s population featuring Slavonic origin behaves independently and willfully, which drives globalists and their henchmen mad.

That is why they decided to take this last stronghold of freedom “by storm” developing not simply biological weapons but certain preparations aimed at annihilating or at least at modifying the genome dangerous for them.

It is the laboratories for such purposes that were located in Ukraine.

And this was exactly the reason why they chose this country, for there live the very Slavs they were going to carry out their inhumane experiments on.

Moreover, this country borders on Russia that has always been considered the main threat for the Dragon reptiles and Orions.

Well now, so as to understand whether their plans were a success let us compare the nation of Ukraine of the Soviet period when people lived together in one close-knit family and the nation the Ukrainians have turned into now.

I think each of you can feel a huge difference.

And the thing is that it is almost twenty years since globalists who took over the country have been using psychotronic weapons programming people for hatred in respect of anything concerning Russia.

This experiment has two aims at the same time.

The first one is to control people’s conscience to take advantage of them for their own goals.

And the second one is to play off one brotherly nation against the other so as to stir up hatred in both of them thereby making an attempt to ruin the very God Gene that keeps your conquerors awake at night.

Logically reasoning they thought that the vibration level thus low can neutralize the Unconditional Love typical of Human God and generated by the Divine genome.

Yet, the results appeared to be rather unexpected for them since those featuring the God Gene simply cannot hate even under the influence of psychotronic weapons.

Making research among different groups of people who find themselves in equal conditions they have found out that this Gene is invulnerable.

According to the negative programme instilled by them there acted mostly people of no Slavonic background or those possessing two souls, one of which – the low vibration one – was readily susceptible to alien influence overwhelming this way the other one – Divine soul.

But the Slavs with a pure and ancient Soul ALWAYS remained humans unable of hatred or aggression.

This is the reason why globalists decided to resort to the last remedy: artificial modification of the God Gene or annihilation of its media, which was the task for the biological laboratories located in Ukraine.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 8, 2022.

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