revival-of-human-divine-dnaGreetings, my dear beloved children!

So as to round up with the issue of genetic peculiarities of these or those nations, I would like to draw your attention to the influence produced on the God Gene by the other soul a person may have.

Up till recently the knowledge about some people possessing the other soul has been hidden from man.

Perhaps, many of you noticed that in alternative resources of information they mostly talk about external influence on people made by such creatures as reptiloids and the Orions.

But the fact that their souls learnt to get incarnated in human bodies was the turning point that marked the coming into being of an absolutely new type of a human creature.

Why did your scientists and doctor fail to notice this?

It happened only because of the fact that by this time the Dragon reptiles had managed to completely change human DNA “curtailing” it as much as possible thereby making it look like their own primitive DNA – that of a humanoid creature whose aim is struggle for survival.

Thus, the Divine origin of humans and their valuable God Gene were reduced to the level of a highly developed living being.

It was by far the grossest intervention into the holy of holies – human gene code.

Yet, to subject Earth to their influence the Dragon reptiles and Orions resorted to it having applied gene engineering technologies available to them.

So, the 24 DNA threads people once used to possess were “reduced” to two – sufficient to perform the functions they want people to perform, as was considered by the invaders of Earth.

As a result of such genetic transformation, they could physically seize human bodies.

Before this the vibration gap between these creatures and Human Gods was too huge for any alien soul to get incarnated in the human body.

But despite all the manipulations, they have failed to completely ruin the God Gene anyway – it has simply “sunk into lethargy” till better times that are arriving at your planet right now as new high vibration energies.

And these energies, like a prince from the “Sleeping beauty” fairy-tale, getting in contact with the reduced human DNA are starting to revive it breathing life into it and restoring its Divine structure.

As for owners of two souls: a human and the one belonging to low vibration creatures, with the human DNA changing – its reverse transformation – the alien souls will be automatically rejected.

It will not be able to neighbour the high vibration Soul due to both energy, and genetic incompatibility between them.

It will, of course, happen not all of a sudden: low vibration souls will be clutching at life till the very last moment trying tooth and nail decrease the vibrations of the neighbouring Divine Souls and provoking negative human energies of fear, aggression, censure, hatred or doubt.

It is especially apparent now when the world has been artificially divided into two parts, with people of different nationalities being played off against each other.

And it is certainly not by chance that the major battle of Good against Evil is taking place at the territory where the Slavonic nations live – the chief keepers of the God Gene on Earth.

And now it is time to speed up the process of deliverance from the other soul for those people who feel unappeasable inner contradictions, mood swings and endless doubts about the current events.

It is quite possible the other soul is to blame for this that is not concerned about your advance to Light and that is unable to make Transition into another dimension with your planet.

That is why I ask you, my dear, please, do not neglect the numerous practices you have that are aimed at deliverance from all the alien energies which will not only facilitate your energy space purification but also encourage your Divine DNA activation process.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 9, 2022.

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  1. YourChoice says:

    Extremely interesting and just a little confusing, therefore I am wishing someone can reply to my question please.
    In regards of two souls please let me know if I get aka (understand, I do like saying understand and I do not like anyone saying they understand me) what is said. Are two souls one human having the human soul and the reptilian soul? I am very curious as I have a close friend who can easily abandon others who sincerely care about my friend, for me I cannot abandon anyone, especially when you care for one another.
    About 2 months ago, my friends health went down hill very very quickly. One day everything was fine then practically overnight my friends body swelled up to the point it was difficult to lift both legs without assistance.
    My friends health is continuing to deplete, my friend has not received a jab and will not receive the jab, I agree with this choice 100%.
    My friend is now hospitalised and suffers from excruciating pain after being given strong pain relief.
    I am wondering if two souls, more specifically the reptilian soul could be the cause for this sudden illness?
    I will be grateful for your sincere thoughts. XXXX

    1. Eduard says:

      Read the book “Reptiloids and clones” from our library.

      1. YourChoice says:

        Good day Eduard, I am in a predicament which is pulling me in all directions. Right now I am the only one who gives my friend time. I always see the good in others and he does at times have a very kind soul, this is what keeps me helping him, I do not wish to abandon him, he will have no one if I did this, I cannot do this to him, you see I always think of how I would feel, I always “put the shoe on the other foot” per say. I mentioned in a previous msg he is in hospital. Prior to this hospital stay he was in hospital a week earlier for at least 25 days due to heart failure which happened a few weeks after the swelling, he refused to see a doctor until he began coughing up blood. When he was at the hospital for the first time, I told him I cannot visit because of the protocol before entering the hospital, such as a RAT test & wearing a mask and possibly being told I need the jab which I am totally against & possibly being traced (surveillance), this is such a discreet word for surveillance. I told myself ‘you can do this Tracey just once’, when I say do this I mean the RAT test and nothing more, then I heard a voice strongly say, ‘NO you cannot’, I am happy to have heard this voice because I was feeling pressured and overwhelmed in regards to the RAT test. I did go and visit my friend, I avoided the entry point, I have never conformed to the covid protocols from governments etc and never will. For the past week my friend is always in constant pain when I speak with him, he is in a room just big enough to fit a hospital bed, he does not know whether it is day or night & he will soon have no contact with me due to having no accessories for charging his phone, I am the only one he has contact with.
        I am going to try and avoid the entry point again today so I can give him a charger etc, I do not know how far I will get once I am in the hospital because his room is directly behind the nurses desk, he sent me pics this is how I know. Eduard what would do if you were in my situation? I do not have anyone else I can speak with who knows what is really happening around us (sleepers), so I do not wish to discuss my situation because they just won’t get it. I protect myself with gems & I will protect myself using a shield, I am confident my aura will not be affected with negativity. Eduard do you feel I am doing the right thing for MY SOUL? XXXX

        1. Eduard says:

          I cannot take responsibility for your decisions, dear Tracey.
          Listen to your soul.

          1. Tracey says:

            Good day Eduard, I wish to express how grateful I am for your communication, I am extremely thankful for your time.
            I sincerely apologies for you feeling a responsibility for my decision, I did not think about that until you mentioned this, I totally get it, I respect your honesty more than you may realise, many people cannot be truly honest, thank you Eduard.
            What you did say is absolutely perfect? Subconsciously I did listen to my soul, I did not go to the hospital because I am not feeling ready, I will wait for the moment my soul gives me the go ahead, but for now I am not feeling this.
            Eduard I am wishing you know how grateful I am for your words. XXXXX

  2. Tracey says:

    Thank you Eduard, this looks interesting!
    Will I find the answer to my question?

    Warmest Wishes.

    1. Eduard says:

      I don’t know, but the book is worth reading anyway.

    2. Eduard says:

      I don’t know, Tracey, but the book is worth reading anyway.


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