energy-levelingGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I will tell you about the things really taking place on your planet.

As you already know, at the subtle level of Earth new energies have already taken possession of their rights and have completely forced out dark low vibration energies of the third dimension world.

Therefore, the Dark Forces’ representatives embodied as humans find themselves in a trap – without their usual infeed from the subtle level.

Just as humans possessing Divine Soul are always connected to the Creator even being unaware of it, low order beings – with a soul that is not divine – are connected to the collective conscience of their civilizations.

But, as you already know, collective conscience is an energy unity at the subtle level from which there are drawn invisible energy ties to every being incarnated right now in the physical body.

So now, when Earth is entering a new energy space it is possible to advance to a new level of existence with the planet only for the collective consciences resonating with her.

Among them are collective consciences of humanity, natural elements and some kinds of animals.

As far as all the rest life forms are concerned, the ties with their collective consciences break.

Since their collective consciences are being forced out of the subtle level of your planet by new high vibration energies, their representatives on Earth lose connection with them.

What consequences does it result in?

Most grievous for them.

They will be still going on for some time due to their subconscious programmes acting under inertia.

But being deprived of energy infeed and, which is more important, of guidance by those who created their collective conscience, they will be getting more and more desperate and doing thoughtless things untypical of them.

It will be especially conspicuously shown among reptiloids and dragon reptiles representing power institutions who got used to making terms on a global scale.

They will not understand why all of a sudden human will suppression and human conscience control programmes that have stood the test of centuries do not work any longer.

And you can already get evidence of this all over the world.

As for collective human conscience, it, on the contrary, is getting stronger and enhances the ties with each of its representatives reviving more and more people with every single day.

This way there occurs merging of the subtle and dense level of Earth: heavy energies are being rejected by her, while “light” high vibration ones, the other way round, are being attracted.

Well, at present collective human conscience at all levels – dense material and subtle – is forcing out all the other low vibration ones that do not resonate with Earth.

The chaos predominating over your planet will only last for several months until there occurs complete energy leveling at all the levels of existence.

And you, my dear, can speed up this process “pressing out” everything dark, alien, not Divine of the physical level of Earth.

You have everything you need for that: your pure intention to live in a new wonderful world and numerous energy practices that in recent years you have been offered by me and other representatives of the Light Forces.

I believe that you can make the most of all the knowledge received and will do your best to encourage this tough period of your planet’s Transition to “the new track” to pass as soon as possible and in the most trouble-free way.

And I bless you for that!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 27, 2021.

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