LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Energy aspect of psychoanalysis)

life-on-new-earth-energy-aspect-of-psychoanalysisGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, as a follow-up to my previous message we will move on to the discussion of what psychoanalysis is and why it is so important for you to learn to apply it to your life.

The word itself offers the key to the understanding of this process.

And in our case psychoanalysis means an accurate identification of an individual’s psychological type in all its aspects: energy, physical and moral.

And now we will consider each of them.

We will start with the energy aspect of psychoanalysis as the most important of all.

As you know, each emotion, thought and action of an individual is based on this or that energy that determines not only their contents but the power of influence, too.

In other words, the more concentrated this or that energy is contained by emotions, words and actions of a person, the more active they show at the physical level.

And it concerns absolutely all kinds of energy – both positive, and negative.

It is this what makes foundation in human psychotype identification in your official science though it says nothing about the main and most significant “component” of them – ENERGIES.

So, before you start communicating with the person you would like to help in terms of spiritual development, it is really essential to identify one’s energy potential not only as far as one’s present vibrations are concerned, but one’s energy “temperament” as well so as to bring your communication with them to a balance.

So as to help you understand what I am talking about, let us consider it using some real-life examples.

Suppose, you feel that your interlocutor is ready to take in the new information you would like to share with them.

After you have scanned their vibration level that should be not lower than that of the fourth chakra, you can take the next step – to start a conversation on the topic both of you are interested in.

Even their first reaction – calm, vehement or balanced – will help you identify their energy potential of information perception and depending on this to get tuned onto their energy wave yourself.

It is of great importance, my dear, since if you are talking in a melancholic and calm manner to a very energetic person, they will simply NOT HEAR you because of your different energy “temperaments”.

And on the contrary, if you start explaining something in a too agitated and passionate manner to a melancholic person, it will just alienate them from you again because of the energy differences.

Besides, both in the former and the latter cases these differences will be not vibrational but determined by the character and temperament peculiarities of both of you.

The reason why you often cannot establish contact even with those who are spiritually close to you is exactly the fact that you do not use psychoanalysis while communicating with different people.

And if you master this skill turning on your inner “tuning fork” of double tuning every time you communicate with someone: for “internal” and “external” energy profile of a person, the results of your communication will surpass all your expectations.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 8, 2021.

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