mass-falsification-mediaGreetings, my dear beloved children!

As a follow-up to my previous message I would like to add some explanation to the things that are happening on your planet now.

It is of great importance because all the media in the grip of the world government have waged a real information war against the Forces of Light.

No unscrupulous methods are alien to them.

Outrageous lie is coming out of all the official sources and many of you have got the impression that the Dark forces are taking over.

But believe me, my dear, it is not so.

What is occurring all around the globe now is the death agony of the Dark forces indeed – they understand they have lost but cannot put up with it.

They are the very “wounded beast” that is violently struggling for its life.

But in your case it does not fight itself but by means of its marionettes put at all the levels of power and in all the spheres of life almost in any country of the world.

Remember my series of messages on the dark power hierarchy structure that like a cobweb has wound up all around your planet introducing its people, most often INhumans, into all the governmental, economic, financial and public organizations – ranging from presidents to minor officials who act in consistence with the one programme of the hidden government.

Any attentive person can notice that in different corners of the planet in different countries and in different languages mass media seem to be making a carbon copy of the news.

The programme of “zombifying” and misinforming of Earth’s population is being run by the obedient actual doer of somebody else’s will.

This flood of similar information influences a common person’s conscience almost in a hypnotic way.

One says to oneself, “Millions of people cannot be mistaken”.

Unfortunately, my dear, they can, and the overwhelming majority of Earth’s population does not realize the scale of the outrage on humanity.

People go on trusting their governments not suspecting the real aims of those who pay lip-service to public health.

And even if they learn an alternative point of view from the people who are trying to reveal the truth to them, THEY DO NOT WANT TO BELIEVE THEM.

It hurts them to ruin the usual lifestyle, change their worldview getting disappointed with those they relied on.

Their only desire is that all the things get back to their usual course, and they will do anything for this.

Unfortunately, many are not aware yet that life will never be the same.

At present humanity faces the dilemma: to become enslaved or to gain freedom.

There is no in-between now.

And it is essential to communicate it to those ready to listen to you.

For this purpose, my dear, use all the means and proofs available to you.

Beside your energy work, you should make your explanatory work more intensified.

And let it give you some strength that quite soon there will start court examinations on numerous claims brought in to national and international court instances by brave and honest people who have chosen Service to humanity as their mission.

This is the reason why “grey eminence” is in such a hurry to submit human will and ultimately depersonalize people.

They do not need mindful people.

They need dutiful slaves.

It has become their obsession and a means of survival.

Remember about this, my beloved, and do not fall into their trap under any circumstances.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on November 7, 2020.

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