WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Earth and Heavens)

window-on-new-world-earth-and-heavensGreetings, my dear beloved children!

And now we will talk about the Element of Earth that also influences human communication to a large extent.

But unlike other Natural Elements, it has more to do with the notion of the spiritual component of your communication.

And it is reflected in your language too.

Recall such expressions as “earthly man”, “down-to-earth thoughts”, “worldly talks”.

They highlight one’s attitude to life.

And in this case the meaning of the word “earthly” is a synonym of such words as “material”, “practical” or “sensible”.

In the third dimension world these qualities are not regarded as negative, just on the contrary, as those quite respectable ones.

The message is that the one possessing them “feels one’s feet”, being firm on the ground not building castles in the air.

And, consequently, such people’s talks are limited to exceptionally material – practical – issues, with everything beyond them being of no interest to them but just inciting annoyance.

Spirituality for them is a very abstract notion because it is nonmaterial and, hence, unperceivable and intangible.

Well, how can a spiritually advanced person make the Element of Earth balanced in them so that communication with other people can be harmonious and balanced in terms of energy?

First of all, one should not treat material things with contempt considering them as being unworthy of discussion.

They are part of your life and often bring you joy and satisfaction.

They are beautiful things and delicious food and a favourite car that facilitates you to make exciting journeys.

Enjoying them is not a sin at all or an indication of being down to earth if they do not become an end in itself.

They can be this only if ALL YOUR ATTENTION is focused on them and you cannot talk about anything else but them.

So, for example, sharing impressions about the holidays spent material-oriented people will tell each other just about fleshly pleasures that were the only ones their memory kept.

While other people – spiritually advanced – though having mentioned them will lay emphasis in their story in quite another way.

The main attraction for them will be natural beauty and energy value of the place they visited.

They will talk about their inner feelings, interaction experience with new people, their culture and traditions.

In a word, their story will be well-balanced: earthly pleasures will complement new spiritual experience they gained during the trip in a natural way.

While still others, having completely denied the material component of their journey, will be talking just about high matters it is associated with.

In this case there is some kind of distortion in terms of spiritual component of the trip and it is quite possible it will be done deliberately so as to demonstrate one is exalted in respect of everything earthly – nonmaterial.

Of course, here the main part is also played by the energy that one is generating while narrating the story.

The one who perceives one’s interlocutor’s energy profile keenly will feel the falsity and artificiality if the story maker is not sincere and tries to pass the desired for reality.

And it is quite often the case especially at the starting point of one’s spiritual development when one is eager to show to the people around that one has already achieved a lot on one’s spiritual road of self-improvement.

So, my dear, try stick to the middle course in everything you do not viewing earthly pleasures as something filthy, yet, not attaching too much importance to them in your life.

But the main thing is always to be honest to yourselves which guarantees your harmonious relations with the people around.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 16, 2022.

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