window-on-new-world-coalitionsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will go on talking about the cooperation of different civilizations in your Galaxy, and this time we will focus on its practical part.

As a matter of fact, to a great extent it resembles the things now in progress on your planet, with the only difference being in that on Earth there are created coalitions of countries and in your Galaxy there are created coalitions of planets or civilizations.

What makes the basis of any coalition to be created?

Common interests, before all.

And here there are great differences.

As a rule, on Earth some countries “make friends” against others and these countries’ interests are most often quite mercenary.

It is very seldom the case that coalitions of the third dimension world are made for mutually beneficial cooperation and mutual aid.

Such an attempt was made last century by the Soviet Union that arranged its relations with the republics holding membership in the Union as well as with a number of socialist countries on really disinterested and friendly basis.

But, as you know, this island of peace and mutual understanding was not favoured by those who considered themselves the masters of the world, and the deep state did their best not only to ruin this peace-loving union of friendly countries but also to play them off against one another.

The fruit of this activity is being harvested by you now.

It is explained by the fact that any political units contrary to the favourite method of globalists “Divide and rule” are doomed to fail till there are the Dragon reptiles and Orion at the helm of your planet.

These creatures feature quite a different value standard.

It is money and power.

All the rest is unclear and even hostile to them since it conveys distinct energies – untypical of them.

As for coalitions that are initiated by highly developed civilizations of your Galaxy, they are based on the principles of Unity, Equality and Brotherhood – the things awaiting people too who will be able to move to the Fifth dimension with Earth.

Since in the high dimensions worlds there is no competition as a result of duality, these worlds’ inhabitants are happy to share their unique technologies and developments in different spheres of life with one another.

Unfortunately, it concerns military developments too as the presence of low vibration civilizations in your Galaxy also requires creation of military coalitions for maintaining the balance between the Forces of Light and Dark and keeping one’s energy space pure.

A vivid example of such coalition is the Galaxy Light Federation that unites dozens of highly developed civilizations.

Created as its part the military fleet under the command of Ashtar Sheran carries out thorough observation of all the events taking place in your Galaxy and confers authorities to interfere with them if necessary.

But the final decision is made by the Military Council of the GLF, with all the factors and interests of all this coalition’s members having been taken into consideration.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on December 23, 2022.

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