WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Salvational shock)

window-on-new-world-salvational-shockGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to consider the energy processes that are in progress in society now in more detail as well as the things that can be done to minimize the consequences of the confrontation both between different countries and groups of people that have opposite opinions.

Unfortunately, in the third dimension world any contradictions convey the energies of censure and aggression.

But the things witnessed now are the apogee of the uncompromising struggle between the people of the past and the future.

Of course, this is a very rough and approximate gradation but this is the way one can describe the conscience of those whose conscience cannot break free from the “vise” of the third dimension world and that of those who are striving heart and soul to get rid of the burden of the past and to start developing a new life on the Earth of the Fifth dimension.

As you know, this division is far from being proportional: the former exceed in number the latter ones manifold.

And such an energy “distortion” retards the process of Transition significantly.

To turn the tide it is of extreme importance to increase the general vibrations of humanity to the level that will facilitate by far the most powerful shift of conscience in terms of the unrevived part of Earth’s population.

What should be done for this?

First of all, you should control your own emotions so as, despite the difference in opinions in respect of the current events in the world, not to feel censure or aggression towards those who do not agree with you.

Or, in other words, by no means should you become like the people who prove them being right foaming at the mouth and who fail to take somebody else’s opinion that is contrary to theirs.

And I see that you are not very successful in this so far.

The feeling of justice and “righteous” anger that is quite acceptable in the world of the third dimension cannot exist in the energy space of the fourth and Fifth dimensions now because of their vibrations being too low.

Well, how can you tame your “righteous” anger in respect of your enslavers?

There is only one way to do this: through understanding of the expediency of the events in progress and complete acceptance of the cruel and absurd, at first sight, events as those aimed at ultimate opening of all the “abscesses” of modern society and showing the true colours of the deep state’s marionettes.

And the expression “All the masks should be thrown off” that has been recently repeated so many times is the best one to reflect the true picture of the events that are taking place all around the globe.

It is impossible to bring to light either internal or external executors of the globalists’ programme on reduction and enslavement of humanity without bringing all the things to the extreme – almost to the point of absurdity – all the political, military and social problems, which is exactly the case now in the overwhelming countries of the world.

But so as to respond to the things that deeply hurt you and elicit a storm of protest in a wise way, it is necessary to restrain your negative emotions and be thankful to those who arouse anger in you.

It is these criminals that by means of their actions facilitate the revival of the passive part of population that without this by far the most vehement shock would have taken obediently all their actions contrived for annihilation of humanity as a species.

Find, my dear, among the numerous energy practices that you have been provided with at this website those that are most convenient and efficient to you and by means of them tame your emotional impulses in the very beginning preventing them from bursting out into the world thereby multiplying negative energies on Earth.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 30, 2023.

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