ASCENSION IN ACTION (The gates into unipolar world)

ascension-in-action-the-gates-into-unipolar-worldGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will move on to the new and important subject, which can be named “The breakthrough in consciousness.”

Now when you understand how important is an obedience to the Laws of the Universe, and how closely these Laws intertwine with each other, we can move on to the new material, which will open the next page in your life.

What I’d like, dear ones, is the new subject to stand upon the prepared ground, which means that all your subtle bodies should be completely purified from all the “accumulations” of the 3D world.

The most effective tool for that is the practice of Repentance, which has been given in my recent message.

If you do not hurry and do everything right, you will reach the new stage of your spiritual growth well equipped – your subtle bodies will radiate Light and Love, which will be a reliable defense from all kinds of negative energies.

And now I will give you a small practice, which we will call “The Gates into unipolar world.”

Try to imagine big, beautiful, shining Gates, which lead you from the world of duality into unipolar world of 5D.

Come closer to the Gates and ask your Soul, are you really pure enough to cross over this energy border and start living in the new world, where completely different rules reign, where there is no division between the people, where people exist in one space of Love, that from now on guides their consciousness, thoughts, emotions, and actions?

And now listen carefully within yourself.

Try to go through all your chakras to feel their reaction, their vibrations; to understand how balanced they are with each other, and how much they resonate with the energy space on the other side of the Gates.

Do not hurry, dear ones!

Do not be upset, if you feel you are still not ready!

In reality, there are still very few people on Earth, who are completely free from the energies and programs of the world of duality, which have been imprinted in your consciousness from one incarnation to another.

But I know that among those, who read my messages on this site, such people exist; and I’d like you to make the last and decisive step; so you won’t keep yourself artificially in this alien for you world, in the space of duality, which you have outgrown a long time ago.

I also know, that most of you are still not ready to make this last step, but I’d like these Gates into the new life to become an extra incentive for your work on yourself; so they will prompt you into thinking that now you have EVERYTHING within you to get rid of the last burden of 3D.

You have the knowledge of the Laws of the Universe and numerous practices, assisting you in gaining the new level of consciousness and complete purification of your subtle bodies.

You are assisted by the great hosts of Angels, Archangels, Higher Forces of the Universe, who “lead by the hand” every awakened Soul.

Your Galactic brothers and sisters, alien civilizations, citizens of the subterranean country of Agartha, civilization of dolphins and whales stay diligently guarding your interests.

 They all watch your every step, feeling joyful for your successes and trying to help in case of misfortunes.

You are not alone, dear ones!

The veil between the worlds has become so thin, that many of you physically sense your helpers from the subtle plane of Earth!

So make that last step!

Express your perseverance in fulfilling your sacred wish – to ascend with your consciousness and then with all your bodies into the long-awaited world of 5D!

And I bless you for that!

Father -Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken to you!

Channelled by Marta on May 10, 2018

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