WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Interaction of Soul and conscience)

window-on-new-world-interaction-of-soul-and-conscienceGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will study the mechanism of interaction of Soul and conscience.

But for a start, I would like to draw your attention to another phenomenon that now is not only common everywhere but, possible to say, has become fashionable.

And at issue will be psychotherapy that translated from Greek means “healing of soul”.

Have you ever thought why they are so striving to “heal Souls” these days and whether they really heal it or, maybe, on the contrary, cripple it with their inappropriate interference with the holy of holies of a person?

But, the most important thing – why there have appeared so many people recently who cannot cope with their problems themselves and have to refer to psychotherapists for help?

As a matter of fact, everything is very easy to explain: the very life in the third dimension world and especially in densely populated cities has turned so unnatural for a normal person that their Soul cannot stand it anymore, which develops into spiritual suffering.

While those who live in the country far away from the city fuss rarely suffer from spiritual disorders because nature itself heals their Souls with its beauty, peace and quiet.

But let us come back to what we started with: interaction of Soul and conscience.

In my previous message it was mentioned that the first blow under stress or while getting a frightening message is always on Soul, which immediately tells on one’s subtle bodies as energy ruptures.

And only after that there switches on conscience – Mind that starts “digesting” the information received: realizing the things that have happened, drawing conclusions, searching for the ways out and so on.

Besides, if an energy blow was powerful enough, the result of its influence on a person almost immediately gets down to the physical level too, which can show as sudden feeling unwell.

In this case there switches on psychosomatics this time.

So, for example, learning the news about some of close people’s death mostly strikes the heart chakra, and one can get a heart attack.

While if mortal danger threatens one, the energy of fear “breaks” one’s first chakra, which can result in disorder of intestines’ functions.

But most often the interaction between the subtle bodies and the physical one can be not immediate and, consequently, one has opportunity to realize the things that happened and adjust one’s reaction to the event in good time or, in other words, protect one’s Soul from excessive suffering.

You can ask me: “Why is Soul so sensitive, it does know that it is eternal and that all the things that happen to it on Earth are just a short episode of its destiny?”.

Yes, it is actually so but getting plunged into the world of the third dimension its vibrations decrease drastically and, moreover, it gets into the world alien to it that exists in compliance with the laws that are unnatural to it.

That is why even a lot of mature souls do not withstand the tests that become their lot in the dual world despite the fact that it was them themselves who planned them before their incarnation on Earth.

Not every Soul being in the subtle worlds of high vibrations can rate its strength adequately then descending to the dense material world.

It is these Souls that most often suffer from psychic disorders that present-day therapists try to cure with chemical preparations thereby just making one’s suffering worse.

And next time we will talk about the way it is possible to avoid such complications and keep one’s Soul and body pure.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 30, 2023.

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