flower-of-your-soulGreetings, my dear beloved children!

The thing I am going to tell you about today is more of a self-development issue but if you manage to master this practice to a full extent it will make a tremendous contribution to the whole treasury of collective human conscience as well.

It is high time to instil a new programme into it that will maintain not human Ego but their Divine Soul, the one that will lead them to the Fifth dimension.

Perhaps, many of you have already realized that sometimes good things are made by “crooked” hands.

This is what has just happened when the virus introduced by reptiloids for their own purposes and the quarantine resulted from it have had quite a different effect on life of many people and have triggered mass revival of pure human souls.

Having to stay in against their will people have gained the opportunity to eventually stop their pursuit for illusive wealth and totally reconsider their life.

The one ready for this will do so by all means since this is exactly the moment – the genuine present of destiny – that their Soul has been waiting for so long.

This is the very SIGN, the very CLUE that have been spoken about so much in my messages.

A person will at last realize how few are the things they need to be happy and how numerous are unnecessary “husks” that have stuck to their life concealing the true essence of existence and their breath of life.

So, now, my dear, you are to remove these “husks” carefully and gently so as not to damage the core of the “fruit” by your excessive emotions and passions.

And this is what I suggest for this.

Imagine the life you have lived as a sunflower, with each its petal being a symbol of some of your acquisitions both material and psychological – in other words, all the things that have been main values of your life up till now.

But be honest to yourself: whether everything you would like to have and everything you have is REALLY necessary for your Soul or something out of these was just the whim of your Ego and the desire to assert yourself.

Let the inner petals of the flower – those nearer to the middle show you the hidden motives of your behaviour and judgement, while the outer ones – the things shown to the public: your purchases, your actions…

Then start slowly tearing away those petals that convey your third dimension emotions, desires and behaviour patterns that have already had their days.

Let them go with Love and Gratitude for the invaluable experience gained…

Do not hurry: thoroughly work through – reconsider – all the life you lived and separate the wheat from the chaff carefully and mindfully…

And go on until you hold in your hands only the core of this beautiful flower full of seeds that symbolize your numerous incarnations in the third dimension world.

This Flower of your Soul always turns towards Sun.

And eventually it is completely “ripe” – each seed has become spiritually solid and the Flower of your Soul is ready to leave the dual world and come back to its origins…

So, from now on let this “core” of your Soul become your guiding star and each “seed” having ultimately freed from the “husks” of the third dimension world “sprout” into your new life with no unwanted things that can distract you from the main issue: Transition into the Fifth dimension.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 26, 2020.

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