transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-human-god-missionGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we move on to a new topic and talk about your mission as the Human God on Earth.

I want you to understand the difference between the mission of a human and that of the Human God’s.

While the former, possessing certain talents or abilities, shares results of their work with the surroundings, taking pleasure in it themselves and giving joy to others, the main purpose of the Human God is to live in two worlds at the same time.

And now I will try to explain to you how the transformation of a human into the Human God takes place.

As a rule, a person who has embarked on the path of spiritual development begins to search for more and more information in various esoteric sources, attends various seminars, lectures, schools, and finds spiritual teachers.

Very often such enthusiasm and such informational “omnivorousness” results in a glut of knowledge, teachings, different opinions that as a result does not elevate a person’s soul, but drives it into the same framework of duality, because all these areas, movements, schools, various teachers defend their points of view trying to attract as many supporters as possible.

I have repeatedly said in my messages that the modern esoteric world does not differ much from the third dimension world, because it has turned into a real market with all its attributes.

People earn money on this ruining their own souls and leading those who trust them away from the true path.

You can truly come to God, that is, to yourself, since all of you are parts of God, only on your own, feeling the complete union of “Heaven and Earth” in your Soul, their indissoluble connection, their interpenetration and mutual influence.

How does this happen?

Everyone has different ways, but the main indicator that this happened to you is your full awareness of every day you live on Earth, your full responsibility for each of your thoughts, for every word you say, for every action you take.

And this becomes possible only when you live in the “here and now” moment, when vanity leaves your life in thoughts, emotions, actions, that is, energy chaos in which the vast majority of people abide.

Energy harmony should replace it that will not only maintain the proper frequency of your own vibrations, but also create around you an oasis of calm, happiness and joy.

Thus, you can “pull”, “bring down to Earth” the Higher worlds with their Divine energy, “mix” them with the earthly ones, as a result of which the space around you will begin to transform dissolving in itself all the negative things it was imbued with by people living in third dimension world.

But one can feel such a blessed Divine state not only during meditation, but in everyday life only when you focus all your attention on yourself, look into the depths of YOUR Soul, discarding all external “crutches” that you used before as views, clarifications, instructions, teachings of other people, maybe very good, but SOMEBODY ELSE’S.

Despite the fact that you are all parts of the One Creator, you are all too different, and each of you have your own path to the Creator, an easy or a thorny one, but always INDIVIDUAL one.

And in order to become a Human God embodied on Earth, you need to learn this great art: to remain yourself, while being a part of the Whole.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly Father-Absolute spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on July 18, 2019

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