TRANSITION TO THE FIFTH DIMENSION (Signs of your physical body transformation to the light crystalline one)

transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-signs-of-your-physical-body-transformation-to-the-light-crystalline-oneGreetings my dear beloved children!

Today we will go on speaking about practical steps for your physical body transformation into the light crystalline one.

So as to consolidate the results of your work on uniting the first three bodies into a single energy system, you should learn to feel this new energy unit as distinctly as you are used to feeling your physical body.

And here are the signs for you to understand how much you have achieved in this work.

First. Your physical body has become lighter and more flexible.

And this condition should originate from inside and result from the fact that your body has turned more rarefied and, consequently, high vibrational.

Second. Your emotional response to events has undergone drastic changes.

The things that used to be painful and you used to “digest” in your soul for a long time now go through your emotional body en route not leaving even a smallest “scar” on it.

Now you take everything absolutely calmly like an onlooker, and it is interesting for you to watch the development of your life “scenario” and all the characters that are destined to participate in it.

But it is extremely important, my dear ones, to look at yourself impartially.

Try to imagine that for yourself you are not a lawyer doing their best to pass the desirable for reality but a fair judge.

Make it an exciting game.

Remember that your restless Ego will always try to make excuses to your emotions, thoughts and actions that are not Divine, for it does not feel like leaving the third dimensional world that it is so accustomed to.

Therefore, let your Soul take over because it will not flatter you but will impartially show all the truth of your actions.

Let it become the Divine “judge” that will always pass a strict but fair “sentence” on you.

Third. You are getting rid of different health disorders – big and small.

Of course, it will occur step by step.

But the more often you will do the practices on your physical body transformation and, which is more important, the more carefully you will control your thoughts and emotions, the more apparent the results will be.

In this case your etheric body will not be distorted by your negative emotions that can further transform into physical illnesses.

And the last one. You can feel the new energy unit of your body at any moment whenever you want and not only during practices and meditations.

It is likely to be the feeling that your body has become amorphous and has grown in size.

But it can be other feelings of all types and sorts as well.

The main thing here is that you feel the difference between your old “stiff” physical body and the new one – flexible and moving.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on September 7, 2019.

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