LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Mutually beneficial alliance)

life-on-new-earth-mutually-beneficial-allianceGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I will tell you who swayed the destinies of reptiloids at the early stage of Earth’s conquest.

The Dragons were perfectly aware of the fact that they would not be able to get control over the planet inhabited by Human Gods because of a huge vibration gap.

Then they made it their aim to achieve at any cost that human vibrations decrease to the level at which they could influence their conscience.

And to speed up the process, they decided to benefit from Archon’s service.

Thereby, convergence of their interests resulted in the energies of low vibrations untypical of earthlings starting to arrive at Earth, and the reptiloids being embodied grounded them intensifying them with their own negative thoughts and emotions.

In other words, your planet was “bombarded” with negative energies from the subtle level by Archon, while on Earth these energies were received and spread more and more by low vibration creatures who reptiloids are.

Unlike humans, they took these energies in as native and usual ones that they were imbued with at birth by their creators.

Thereby, the circle of Evil was initiated and it has been around on Earth since then for millennia.

Archon who shared his “riches” at the initial stage got them back at a high “interest” rate and not only from reptiloids but from humans, too whose nature was so perverted by them that even people started to generate energies of lowest vibrations.

But the Dragons, as well as Archon, realized quite well that they should not let this process take its course.

Therefore, they made up their mind to make themselves safe and set “ever-burning flame” of Evil that will be passed from hands to hands by the high caste reptiloids by means of certain beliefs, symbols and rituals.

It is them that became the symbol of them being chosen, exceptional and of their impunity among those craving for power, money and worship.

And so as to reinforce their influence on their “servants” and make their souls totally submitted to them, these rituals were rendered satanic with blood offering.

The main principle of the religion created by Archon and the Dragons was the postulate “Divide and rule”, which implied the division into slaves and the chosen.

High caste reptiloids who had had the rite of their “deities” worship were proclaimed the chosen, while all the rest of the population was proclaimed “slaves”.

During the rite of passage the dark forces channel was opened so wide that for a split second Archon himself appeared there as a huge being with burning eyes and horns on his head.

This is where such image of the Devil came from, as well as the expression “to sell one’s soul to the Devil”.

During these rites reptiloids’ souls got tremendous infeeds of negative energies that later resulted in grave evil deeds on Earth: unleashing of wars, revolutions, national conflicts, humiliation of people, their conscience manipulation, human moral lapse and many more.

Like bees gather honey, they accumulated “poison” – all the negative energies they fed on themselves and nourished their patrons on.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 11, 2020.

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