LIFE ON NEW EARTH (The Dragon race)

life-on-new-earth-the-dragon-raceGreetings, my dear beloved children!

So, we move on to the next level of the Dark Forces hierarchy controlling your planet.

The step down it is occupied by the Dragon race.

And today I will tell you about it in detail.

This is one of the most ancient races in the Universe that gradually changed both towards Light and towards Dark.

Thus, there appeared a lot of its subtypes, and each of them has followed their way.

Why did it happen?

Before all, because they started to actively interact with other civilizations of different levels of development and assimilate with them.

To some extent it resembles the processes that later happened on Earth, too.

And the Dragons who colluded with Archon are part of once great civilization that followed the way of involution giving the top priority not to spiritual development but to technological development aimed at living beings conscience control so as to make their will submitted.

Earth has turned for them not just to an object of conquest but some kind of prove ground of their technical means for her inhabitants’ conscience control.

And since their aim itself featuring one of the main Laws of the Universe’s violation – the Law of the Free Will – was not Divine, to achieve it they enlisted the Creator’s antipode’s support – Universe Evil embodying the antipode of Universe Love.

As a result, duality appeared on Earth that with every single century spread more and more over all the aspects of your existence.

The principle of “Divide and rule” little by little penetrated all the spheres of your life this time: not only political, social and religious ones but into the life of every family, too.

The freedom of human will was violated at the very birth since a child right away got into certain established “from above” patterns of behaviour and mentality.

And so as to ultimately suppress genetically determined Divine impulses of people there was created the society structure and power institutions on Earth that reflected the things taking place at the subtle level in the patrimonial estate of Archon.

The energies overwhelming there descended to the energy space of the planet interacting with human subtle bodies and started their destructive work in them.

But the “control center” of this work has always been in the Dark Forces’ grip.

Never anything was let to follow its course.

The technologies created by the Dragons for conscience control were thoroughly tracing everyone identifying one’s weaknesses and the most vulnerable aspects of one’s psyche so as to “throw in” the energies NECESSARY TO THEM thereby turning human weaknesses into vices and sometimes even into obsession.

And the actual doers of their will were their “clerks” now – astral beings of this or that level, of this or that kind of energy depending on the acute needs and social status of the person they were working with.

In some rare cases this work was also joined by Demons directly interacting with the people who had got up the pyramid of power in this or that country.

And it happened at the turning points of Earth’s destiny – periods of critical military conflicts or social shocks.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 15, 2020.

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