life-on-new-earth-demonsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, let us go on talking about the structure of power pyramid settled on Earth.

It has already been said enough about Archon therefore we will move on right to the next step down the Dark Forces pyramid that is occupied by an army of Demons – true and trusted servants of Archon.

Why has he fragmented himself into separate energy units?

The only reason is to collect his “tribute” as negative energies in a more efficient and fruitful way.

Since there are a great number of kinds of negative emotions, each of them got in charge of the Demon “specializing” in just this sort of energy.

It was done so that all low vibration energies flow together in one place and then being concentrated were delivered above – to Archon where they intermingle making each other stronger and nourishing the Universe Evil.

In the course of society development there appeared new energies and a variety of their shades.

As an example there can be mentioned a fashion for “glamour” life and all sorts of plastic surgery so as to correspond to the artificially created “ideal”.

As you have probably guessed, this is another “brainchild” of reptiloids designed for depersonalization of humans depriving them of their natural Divine individual features.

So, a lot of people, especially women, do not see through the subterfuge generating as a result the energy of depersonalization.

Yes, my dear, even the energy type like this exists on Earth now, and it has already brought up a Demon of enormous sizes.

And now it is also sustained by the people who have dutifully put on face masks.

Well, what is the mechanism of negative energies passage from people to Demons?

This process is actively taken part in by astral beings of all kinds that “run errands” for their “bosses” who Demons are.

It can be compared with your large corporations, with thousands of small clerks being subordinate to their chiefs.

The same way astral beings of the astral level of Earth can influence low subtle bodies of people: etheric, emotional, mental and causal ones, which they keenly do all the time.

In my series of messages on the World of Astral I focused on all its levels, kinds of astral beings and the means they affect people so now I am not going to repeat myself but just will mention that there is a certain hierarchy among them as well.

Just as large companies are subdivided into departments, groups and sections, each Demon here runs his “department” of offence, for example, with his employees “bending over backwards” so as to get more energy for their “boss” provoking people for offence of all sorts stirring it up by all the means available to them.

In their turn those in charge of “departments”, “groups” and “sections” just as in real companies get up the ladder growing into demon creatures of a certain rank.

Unfortunately, it is this demonic system of power that your society was based on, which resulted in such regrettable consequences.

And this is the reason why people who have come to power so quickly end up with a moral lapse.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 14, 2020.

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