final-choiceGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to make a summary on the leaving year of 2020 that has become critical in the history of Earth.

The things that happened during just this year can be compared with a whole epoch because it took it only a few months to highlight all light and dark sides both of your society in general and those at helm of it in particular.

And it happened very quickly and unexpectedly to you, didn’t it, my dear?

Could you imagine just a year ago that quite soon you would be living on a different Earth with no freedom of travel, freedom of breathing in, freedom of thinking your way?

Yet, it has happened and you let it happen!

Of course, this situation on Earth has been created not by chance.

As it has repeatedly been said in my messages, well-off, measured good old life cannot force one out of the “anabiosis” of material well-being or revive one’s Divine essence.

Therefore, extreme measure had to be taken to rescue humanity – those you call “shock therapy”.

It was implemented by exactly those who drove you into the condition of spiritual “anabiosis”.

They were provided with opportunity to give free scope to their “talents and abilities” and laying down their cards to start realizing their inhumane plans on annihilation of your planet’s population.

At the same time humanity was given a chance to see with their own eyes who rules the world and who they admitted to power by their passiveness, submissiveness and shortsightedness.

The situation of the artificially created virus and the “pandemic” imposed on the whole world has eventually raised the “curtain” and people have seen horrible “backstage” of the crimes being committed on your planet.

Yet, unfortunately, not everybody has seen this but only those who wanted to see this and who were able to take off the rose-coloured glasses hiding the terrible truth from them.

The overwhelming majority of Earth’s population has chosen to keep these “glasses” on, for they have grown in their conscience and subconscience thanks to diligence of the world puppeteers and their henchmen.

Thus, at this moment critical for your planet humanity has divided into two camps: the revived and those fast asleep.

And as you see, those fast asleep are far more numerous than the revived ones.

Yet, it is their own choice because conscience reviving conditions were created equal for everybody.

So, only passiveness, fear and laziness of mind prevented these humans and most often not exactly humans from getting the insight of the current events and see the things that are conspicuous indeed.

At present the information about the world government crimes, contrived pandemic and vaccines pernicious for people is more than enough.

Such best humanity representatives as honest and brave politicians, lawyers, doctors, teachers, journalists and many other pure and light souls are trying to communicate truth to people providing them with indisputable facts and proofs.

Yet, millions of Earth’s inhabitants remain blind and deaf dutifully running the programmes instilled in them by reptiloids.

Well now, there will be made the last attempt to awake those sleeping when criminal activities of the deep state will be accessible for everybody since they will be broadcasted all over the world on every channel of mass media.

But it will be the last chance now to save oneself for those who will want to save oneself and who will choose the life in a new world with different life laws reigning – Universe, Divine, common for all humanity – those all the highly developed civilizations of your Galaxy live in accordance with.

This way the Free Will of each Earth’s inhabitant will be manifested and everyone will make one’s final choice.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on December 29, 2020.

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  1. Maria Cannon says:

    Thank you. Love


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