curtains-are-fallingGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to talk to you about the current situation on Earth and the latest events that excite human minds.

I see that it seems to many of you that the things now in progress in many countries of the world are advancing in one and the same direction or, in other words, everything is developing in accordance with globalists’ plans, at a very high rate at that.

One by one are already about to be put or being put into life all the items of their programme.

Why does it happen?

The main reason is that in information war they almost always gain a victory.

The truth about the criminal activity of the deep state and their marionettes at the helm is hardly making its way through since with every single day the censorship in respect of alternative media is getting increasingly strict.

Your great regret is that little is changing in power-holding institutions: the same “actors” go on indulging in playing their parts that were written by their masters and pronouncing monologues prepared by the “script writers” of the deep state.

Yet, there is an end to everything anyway.

To an end will also come this prolonged “theatre of the absurd play” that they are trying to present to you as a drama with a sad end.

For the recent years all through this “play” there has been running FEAR in all its manifestations and, before all, human fear for their life and their close people’s lives.

It has become the dominant energy on Earth not accidentally since it is this energy that features the lowest vibrations of all the energies existing in the Universe.

This way the Dragon reptiles and those of their ilk are trying to keep Earth in the third dimension matrix catching at a straw of low human vibrations, the ones they themselves provoke by their actions and words.

Yet, as soon as you figure out their plan and stop “feeding” them on this energy, everything will change overnight.

Same as a patient is choking being switched off from oxygen, so will also “choke” all the low vibration creatures embodied as humans on Earth being deprived of their usual source of nourishment.

Only FEAR is retarding your advancement on the way to Ascension and the more people realize it, the sooner will collapse the power system of the third dimension world that has had its days.

You have nothing to be afraid of, my dear, because nothing and nobody can stop the process of Earth’s Ascension into the Fifth dimension.

And the things now in progress on your planet are the last agony of the Dark Forces that shows at the physical level by their chaotic and absurd actions.

Whatever in a hurry they are, this time they will not manage to implement their programme on humanity enslavement – physical or spiritual.

Too many people have managed to revive for the recent years, and their total Energy of Revival has already outweighed the scale pan of the unrevived part of Earth’s population.

Therefore, it is quite soon now that the curtains will fall for the deep state’s marionettes who have played their unenviable parts on the “stage” of the third dimension matrix and to change them there will come free people of pure intentions who will start developing not a theatrical but real life on the planet of the Fifth dimension.

And so as to speed up their arrival, as often as possible fill all the power-holding institutions on Earth with the Energy of Ascension – both of your countries and those of international communities and organizations.

Imagine the ungifted actors leaving the stage who have been catcalled by the audience and executed the will of a group of criminals that seized power on your planet and pure mature souls taking over – wonderful and noble humans that can develop a new society of Unity, Equality and Brotherhood on Earth.

Brush your despondency away, my dear, and do your best to create just this reality!

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 25, 2023.

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