WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Climatic weapon)

window-on-new-world-climatic-weaponGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to talk to you about climatic weapon that recently has been increasingly used all over the world.

What is it and how to identify it?

Such kind of weapon was created long ago but was widely adopted just during recent decades.

As it has already been mentioned in my previous message, globalists inherited this weapon from the Greys – a technocratic race of aliens who collaborated with Nazis and the deep state’s representatives last century.

The very name of it – “climatic” – says that it is designed to change climate.

Its opportunities are limitless indeed.

They include initiation of artificial tornados, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, stormy rains with hail, droughts and forest fires.

What is the difference between natural phenomena and man-made ones?

It is, before all, in cyclicity that has been developing on Earth for millennia.

Just like seasons interchange each other, so there is interchange of dry and rainy seasons, which is determined by Earth’s needs.

Same as trees and bushes cannot bear fruits equally every year since they need to replenish potential for another harvest, so Earth needs a variety of seasonal cycles, too.

And although it causes problems for people, nature lives a life of its own adjusting its needs by the corresponding “behaviour” of natural elements.

Human interference, of course, contributes its share into this complicated process, too especially when at issue is mass deforestation or barbaric treatment of natural water bodies.

But climatic weapon, unlike reckless treatment of nature by humans, is fraught with even more danger because its consequences are unpredictable and not only upset the innate cyclicity of natural phenomena but also do irreparable harm to Earth.

Self-recovery that is preset by nature in any living being, with your planet also being this, becomes impossible in case of artificial intrusion into Divine creation.

Well, this is what actually happens as a result of excessive downpours or even floods that exceed natural need of Earth for moisture manifold and destroy the upper layer of soil or of artificially triggered droughts when soil, on the contrary, is in desperate need of rain.

To say the least of hurricanes that sweep off every living thing on its way and cripple millions of bushes and trees or by far the strongest artificially triggered earthquakes that change earth’s landscape and upset the natural balance of many species of plants and animals.

In recent years they have started to use climatic weapon so often that many people have learnt to see its precursors.

And the main of them is unusual clouds, with their shape being significantly different from the naturally occurring clouds.

The same can be said about lightning discharges that are more similar to continuous firing of invisible guns.

Unnatural size and shape of hail is also the evidence of the fact that it was not made by nature at all.

As far as earthquakes are concerned, only experts in seismology can identify their man-made origin having compared the data they have at their disposal in the area where an earthquake broke out.

Moreover, the natural shakes of the earth’s crust are always foreseen by animals who began to behave in an unusual way.

Man-made earthquakes cannot be felt by them.

There are many other signs that can help tell naturally occurring phenomena from man-mane ones, yet, your task is not to learn to recognize them but to stop the crimes of globalists who tempted the holy of holies – your planet and her inhabitants.

And next time we will talk about it in more details.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 23, 2023.

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