LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Heavenly army)

life-on-new-earth-heavenly-armyGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will go on talking about the Light Forces and this time will look into what Angel “army” of the Archangel Michael is: who these “soldiers” are and what their role in support of humanity is.

Why do I call these Angels “army”?

Only because of the fact that they have a strict order like in the army and this “army” is headed by the Archangel Michael.

This angel structure has a lot of subdivisions with their own “heads” big and small but they are based not on the power hierarchy usual to you and the principles of mindless submission of the inferior to the superior but the principles of Unity and Divine expediency.

And now we will consider each of them one by one.

What is Unity in the Angel “army” of the Archangel Michael?

Before all, it is the unity of aim that is confrontation to the Dark Forces.

Each of these Light Soldiers has mindfully chosen Service to the good of humanity: protection of people from the Dark Forces of all kinds and levels.

Well, how have they become such Light Soldiers?

They are mostly Souls who have travelled a long road wandering through the worlds of the third density both on Earth and on other planets of your Galaxy.

They experienced the horror of bloody wars and revolutions, pain and sorrow of those who were involved into them.

In some of their incarnations they were winners and conquerors, while in others they were enslaved and humiliated.

They were born men and women learning all the facets of existence in the worlds of low densities.

Gradually gaining this invaluable experience, their Souls advanced further and further along the spiritual development path until they reached the level of existence in the fifth and even the sixth densities.

Finding themselves at this level, they could choose now: to descend to the world of the third density again or remain at the subtle level and help people in following their earthly road making use of their own experience of life on Earth.

And many of them chose the latter being aware that from the subtle level of Earth their support of humanity can appear much more efficient since from here they see the picture as a whole, and it means, their energy influence will be more purposeful and will be more beneficial for people.

Moreover, each of the Light Soldiers of the Archangel Michael chooses himself the area of his activity ranking among the “subdivision” where he can be most helpful.

And this choice is often determined by the experience of his previous incarnations.

Thus, some of them choose the struggle with Demons and astral beings of anger, aggression, hatred, while some others – with those of envy, jealousy or greed.

As a rule, they work with the energies that once caused most sufferings to them themselves and they fight against the beings who generate these energies thereby protecting people from them.

As in the world of the Dark Forces there are Demons of all kinds of negative energies having in subordination entire armies of astral beings feeding on these energies themselves and imbuing people with them, there are “commanders” in the army of the Archangel Michael that specialize in work with this or that negative energy.

But in this Angel “army” everything is aimed at one and only thing: spiritual revival of humanity and freeing it from everything unDivine by purifying people’s energy space from all the alien energies and programmes.

Thus, being an intermediary link between the Archangel Michael and Safeguard Angels of people, these Light creatures faithful to you perform their Service helping you go further and further on along the spiritual development road – the road they themselves have already successfully covered.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on October 6, 2020.

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