transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-air-silhouetteGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, let us go on speaking about the energy construction of the new Fifth dimension human body.

Another component of its after bone carcase and blood and lymph systems is muscle tissue.

It is exactly the most flexible and adaptable substance that in future will enable you to change the configuration of your body by the power of thought.

So, how can you help your body rarefy its muscle tissue as much as possible?

In addition to the practices you were given earlier – such as “Air body” and “Gutta-percha body” I will give you now one more practice that focuses on your muscles this time.

Let us call this practice “Air silhouette”.

I would like it to become not a meditation for you but a game – favourite entertainment, which will enable you to feel the spirit of the Fifth dimension where you will be creating your reality exactly this way – easily and jolly.

For a start, try to imagine your new light crystalline body as a silhouette rarefied to the utmost.

It will resemble a balloon in the form of a human.

Then unite this air silhouette with your physical body…

Feel these two bodies getting merged into one…

But your dense physical body is much less in size than the rarefied air one, that is why it simply gets lost in it…

So now, you have to work at it, so that it gets rarefied up to the new light crystalline body created by your imagination.

For this you should invoke all your Heavenly patrons and the energy of the Supreme Creator of the Universe.

As soon as you feel a steady even powerful stream of this energy descending into your body through the crown chakra, by your imagination distribute it, so that it fills both the bodies – the physical and the light crystalline one created by your imagination.

And then you should carry out energy leveling gradually making ONE body out of the two.

Everyone will have it in their individual way.

Demonstrate your creativity, my dear ones, and find the best variant for you – the most beautiful one.

You can imagine this Divine energy as dancing particles, shining stars, sparks, crystals that are making magic intricate decorations in your body muscles filling them this way with high vibration energy and rarefying your body as much as possible.

The main thing is to perceive ENERGY MOVEMENT in your body and feel the joy and gratitude your body accepts your game of a practice with, the one supposed to make it flexible, young and healthy…

Every single body cell eagerly is responding to your desire to create the Divine light crystalline body unaware of diseases and sufferings…

Your body is restoring its initial state and is recalling what it used to be during the wonderful times when it served Human God who had not descended to the world of the third dimension yet…

Do this practice as often as possible, my dear ones.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on October 9, 2019.

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