TRANSITION TO THE FIFTH DIMENSION (Cutaneous covering of Fifth dimension human)

transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-cutaneous-covering-of-fifth-dimension-humanGreetings, my dear beloved children!

For my yesterday’s message on the energy structure of the new Fifth dimension human body to be continued, today we will speak about its outer layer – skin.

Human skin is the physical body well-being indicator. It reflects all the physical and psychological processes taking place in it.

When a person is in a balanced and blessed state really loving themselves and all the people around, their skin, as a rule, is clean, smooth and shining.

While, for example, a gloomy cheerless acrimonious person has uneven flabby skin of unpleasant grey colour.

It occurs because of the fact that human skin absorbs the energies emitted by its master or, in other words, scans the information communicated to it by the conscience and the inner organs.

This chain functions the following way.

Well, a person hating themselves and the world – emitting the energy of anger and acrimony, very soon makes their liver and gall bladder fail because they accumulate the energies of this kind, which immediately shows in their skin that becomes yellowish and loses its elasticity.

While a cheerful happy person irradiating joy and love, as a rule, has good health and features beautiful young skin that is commonly referred to as “milk and roses”.

As you see, my dear ones, energies determine everything here as well.

Human skin is sure to react to outer factors, too – such as the quality of water, air, climate conditions.

Thus, southerners are naturally swarthy-skinned, while pale skin is typical of northern countries inhabitants.

Yet, the main guarantee of its beauty is the energy component of a human.

If one irradiates Goodness and Love FROM INSIDE, no outer factors can affect them since all the body organs are balanced, which is demonstrated by their shiny healthy skin.

And since in the Fifth dimension humans will constantly find themselves within the streams of Unconditional Love energy, their skin will have no defects being beautiful and shiny.

But you can, my dear ones, speed up this process and start purposeful work at your skin right now smoothing out wrinkles and making it even, elastic and brilliant.

As often as possible invoke the energy of the Supreme Creator of the Universe and ask it to smooth – “polish” – your skin returning its youth and beauty.

And do not forget to ask your Heavenly patrons for help.

But before all, you should keep your Soul, your thoughts and emotions pure and, doing practices on your body transformation into the light crystalline one, pay special attention to your skin, too.

Ask the energy of the Supreme Creator of the Universe to fill all its cells transforming them into bright crystals.

And let them gradually dissolve all its defects creating wonderful new skin of the Fifth dimension person.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on October 10, 2019.

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