no-halfwayGreetings, our dear earthlings!

I am here again as assigned by the Galaxy Light Federation.

This time I would like to tell you in more details about the current events on Earth since we, unlike you, see the whole picture – both at the physical and energy levels.

Before all, I would like to share the joy of the fact that in different countries there are more and more people who are not afraid to tell the truth.

They are journalists, doctors, spiritual leaders and even politicians who are perfectly aware that humanity has reached the very line with total depersonalization and, consequently, annihilation of humans as Divine creatures awaiting it behind the line.

Due to their efforts there is starting the mass revival of people we have been waiting for so long.

Right now there are several processes in progress on Earth.

At the physical level through the independent from the world ruling top mass media people are delivered with documentary evidence of world government crimes.

This process is already impossible to stop, and it will be increasing more and more.

At the energy level the third world energies are being dissolved as well as the subconscience programmes corresponding to them.

And an inestimable contribution to this is made by the workers of Light who letting the new high vibration energies through themselves “anchor” them saturating Earth and collective human conscience with them.

These processes are mutually complementary since not a single good undertaking can be a success without the appropriate energy feed.

In this case it is essential that the understanding of the global application of the events taking place on your planet reaches the “critical mass” both at the physical and energy level, and, which is most important, that there is made a collective human intention to follow the path of Light.

If it happens, we will have the right to joint in the game and help you set the new things going on the renewed Earth.

Well, what is going on at the other side? How are the participants of the Dark team doing?

They were so sure they would win that they let their guards down and began making one mistake after another.

The first mistake like that was their “letting out a secret” in mass media that a new wave of the pandemic is approaching and it is not going to be the only one, and that the sole means of escape for humanity can become just general vaccination.

Just this thing made people alert, those capable to think logically and compare the actual facts.

Due to this even people who in the beginning gave credence to the “care” of authorities for them began to understand that they found themselves in the middle of the prearranged play.

Besides, the discontent is growing among those who have been left with no livelihood because of the quarantine imposed all over the world.

They start looking for the cause of the emerged situation absurdity and find it thanks to the true information flowing now about the world government’s plans and its intentions to take total control of the world economy.

And their other projects are getting also revealed, the ones that till the right time were concealed from common people who have nothing to do with politics and the so-called “conspiracy theory” that has always been presented by the world government as a “scary story” made up by a group of insane people who have been scoffed at by them in the media.

Yet, at present everything is being brought to light, and it is impossible for them to turn the tide.

So now, we would like to address each of you.

Our dear earthlings, the most crucial moment of your life has come when the fate of humanity hangs in the balance.

You have only two options.

First – to become dutiful marionettes in the hands of the soulless beings – reptiloids and those of their ilk who long ago took over your planet and are ready to commit the last and the gravest crime of theirs: general vaccination and chipping of the population in order to totally subdue the humans’ conscience and their physical bodies.

And the second option is deliverance from century-old slavery and creation of a new society based on the Divine principles.

There is no third option. And any halfway is only able to delay the sad ending for many and many light human souls.

If you embark on the course of Deliverance, all the Forces of Light will support you and give a helping hand to many revived human souls in ascending with Earth into a new high vibration space of the Fifth dimension.

Now, the choice is yours.

Sincerely loving you,

Ashtar Sheran spoke to you on behalf of the Galaxy Light Federation.

Channeled by Marta on May 3, 2020.

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  1. I choose option 2
    Deliverance from century-old slavery and creation of new society based on the Divine Principles

    Thank you
    Maria E Cannon

  2. Marie Monet says:

    Thank you for this update?! It would be great if this could reach the ordinary population to give them inspiration n courage, n a direction..on TV, n main stream media, to overcome the negative forces?! People in the middle will feel they have their army behind them, n not so lost in space?! To break the programme they r under?! 4 million people watch Alex Jones, on INFOWAR SHOW,on Internet N HE TELLS THEM WHAT THE ANGELS R SAYING?! A brave soul*** marie monet LOVENLIGHT

  3. Ludovic says:

    I chose option 2, help from up there, but I think the angels would like us to think with the heart. So if I don’t have evidence or contact with him up there, how can I be sure. Do you put in our place, for example a child who could die and a vaccine or a medicine could help him, what to choose if we are not sure of your existence? Following the heart can also allow mistakes, parents who vaccinate / or do not vaccinate their children do it by heart thinking that they choose the best, I hope you will understand, it is like Jehovah’s Witnesses who say not to donate blood, it can cost lives … My heart will always go to God, but not knowing everything, that we can fall into any trap, if you really exist, I appeal to your compassion , because for my part I have been desperate for decades. And humans no solution to help me, everything is tried, nothing has worked. But at first, I didn’t start with the idea of ​​failure. Underestimate the shadow = the shadow partially wins the war. I appeal to your compassion for all that has a heart. Thank you. I come from Belgium, I hope my message will be understandable, I do it out of love for all those who suffer (and I am part of it) and it is high time that we are helped, having already exhausted everything that was possible . May Love, compassion and God reign over everything

  4. Let’s us all act in a most benevolent everyday, human kindliness,and love for and respect to all life, or just be vegan,in love and respect to Gaia, our planet earth now,let’s all enjoy all the fruits herbal plants mother earth provided to all of us.
    After all we are all part of Divine creative source,
    We are all G-d.


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