our-mutual-efforts-resultsGreetings, dear earthlings!

I have come today to share the latest news about processes occurring at the subtle level of Earth and about the role the GLF plays in them.

Before all, I would like to thank all the Light’s assistants who help us greatly by simply being on the same wavelength with Ascension of Earth constantly increasing their vibrations thereby increasing the level of human conscience as well.

During the last months on your planet there took place significant changes in many areas.

First. The overall energy background of the planet of Earth has changed in the most radical way.

It has become even and got its vibration frequency considerably increased.

Now it is not chaotic one-time splashes of high vibration energies in these or those places on your Earth but just even energy background.

And it has happened owing to you, our dear ones!

Now many of you are able not only to consciously “anchor” high vibration energy arriving on the planet but also to evenly distribute it around yourselves across quite large areas.

It can be compared with a stone thrown into water, with circles spreading round it.

Similar impact is also made by the energy impulses you receive and, passing them through your upper chakras and the Crystal of Love, send farther expressing a well-defined intension to fill the space around you with the Divine high vibration energies.

And since you are getting larger in number, these “circles” radiated by you into the energy space join each other gradually creating on Earth a new layer of the fourth dimension now.

Second.  Changes in human collective conscience that is worked at by many of you alongside with us is manifested in the fact that now a lot of people even those far from the issue of Ascension look at everything at a completely different angle and realize all the false, hypocrisy and illusiveness of the contemporary world.

It comes about due to the fact that being influenced by the new energies people have their upper chakras– subtle Divine sense organs,  activated automatically and they scan the information about third dimension world transformation hovering in the air by intuition – at the subconscious level not being aware of it.

Thus, in human collective conscience there starts to accumulate “critical mass” of true understanding of things that will soon result in mass enlightment.

And third. Numerous spotting of our spaceships in the air space of Earth that due to the Internet are impossible to conceal from people prepare the ground for our existence being this time officially announced in the nearest future.

So, it will open a new era in human development – the era of the reunion with their galaxy family that will pave the way for new technologies and new knowledge enabling you to move to quite a different level of existence.

And I believe that by our mutual efforts you will be able to speed up this process as much as possible.

Here I would like to round up and send best regards to you from all the human-friendly civilizations who defend the interests of all the pure light human souls.

The Chairman of the Galaxy Light Federation spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on September 5, 2019

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