changes-in-vibration-frequency-rate-of-humanityGreetings, my dear beloved earthlings!

Today I would like to communicate a message of my own as a commander-in-chief of the galaxy fleet and share with you my impressions of the things happening on Earth.

As you already know, my spaceships have been supervising your planet for some years, so we can assess the dynamics of events development on Earth.

And this is what we see.

In general, the mankind has changed the overall vibration frequency rate for the last decade.

At this point I mean only humans.

Reptiloids can’t change no matter how strong their wish may be as they don’t have at their disposal any subtle sense organs capable of perceiving new high vibrations of Earth.

The same applies to clones who totally lack any chakra system.

So, the picture we observe from above the subtle plane of Earth is as follows.

In big cities in huge crowds of people with dark and heavy energy space there are humans with beautiful voluminous auras that are “the highlight of the night”.

They automatically absorb surrounding people who also start glowing, not that bright as the source of this Light, though.

Their auras range of action change sometimes even within minutes depending on the emotion a human feels at the moment.

For the last months there have appeared more people with rather steady energy field that sometimes embraces large areas of several dozens of meters and even kilometers, in rare cases.

All this denotes that high vibration frequency energies coming to Earth nowadays are filling you more and more and it is people being embodied who start influencing the overall vibration frequency rate of Earth.

And in order to achieve energy stability you should change your subconscious programmes.

In other words, feeling of being responsible for yourself and your Earth should be qualitatively transformed into your subconscious one. Just like fear with all its manifestations that once seized the subconscience of 3D world humans, so should the feeling of absolute certainty of Earth and all the mankind Transmission into the Fifth dimension make your subconscience their home from now on, as well as the feeling of being in perfect security and safety guaranteed by the Higher Powers of the Universe and your Galaxy family.

And this is how you can do this.

Imagine your subconscience as a big beautiful and brightly lit sphere with lots of treasures kept inside that are nice and safe behind the thick impenetrable membrane.

The treasures are your belief in yourself and your great future, your certainty of being always supported by your Heavenly Safeguards, of your Earth’s transmitting into the Fifth dimension and your transmitting, too, having tuned to the planet’s vibrations.

The treasures are Unconditional and Unlimited Love towards yourself, your kith and kin, towards distant relations and even complete strangers, as well as your enemies who are your main teachers.

The treasures are unconditional acceptance of all life events as unique and invaluable experience of the Soul.

Let this sphere of your “subconscience” free of any 3D world energies glow running the gamut and saturating the space around with new energies of the Fifth dimension.

And we will indulge in watching this brilliant image from above and feel happy for our earthly brothers and sisters’ sake.

Loving you with all my heart Ashtar Sheran spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on March 21, 2019

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